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Inverse Sequences

3-10-1119 PE

Created by

Editorial Team

The Dominion War, a series of battles when the forces of Darkness and Light fight on aster Cassareon for dominance, is nearing in the planetary system of Reon. This time, Darkness isn't going to play fair. Someone—or something—is gathering the many evil creatures called Noctifers around Reon with the intentions to use them in not just a war on Cassareon, but a war upon the very Essence Force of Light itself.   On aster Alvareon, the Lucifer child, Briél of Iri, awakens in the early morning to witness a siege upon her adoptive kingdom, Hillixia. Along with her guardians, including her sworn knight, Bastar, she must leave her homeworld and gather the other beings of Light scattered around the remaining asters to combat this new evil. Darkness has remained a distant threat for too long. This time, Darkness will fall.   However.   Bastar is a secretive man with a hard-fought past he wishes to distance himself from. He loves his ward, and he loves his best friend, Nevan. But only one of them knows the truth of his existence: He, too, is a Noctifer, a physical incarnate of Darkness given life and form.   Darkness will fail. He knows this. But when the time comes, will he be willing to perish with it?   Inverse Sequences is a science fantasy series written by Mar Qaroll, a budding novelist who has completed two National Novel Writing Month challenges and three Camp NaNoWriMo challenges since 2017.
  Inverse Sequences is a work in progress and there is a chance it will contain material that may only be suitable for adults.