The Silver Consortium is a major center of magical study, and is the site of Verbobonc’s extensive library of the occult and arcane. It is not only a major center of education for the magical arts, or a library, but it is the assumed name of Verbobonc’s arcane guild. Its members are apothecaries, alchemists, and other spellcasters. They play an active role in Verbobonc and have begun to build a name for themselves in the region.   The Silver Consortium Guild is very choosy on who it accepts. Entrance requirements include: a minimum of 3rd level in some form of arcane caster class (Bard, Sorcerer, or Wizard), an upstanding citizen of the Viscounty (must have preformed a notable ‘good deed’), and non-evil. At this point, each guild member must pay a monthly due of 50gp, and must check in with the guild (to share info) at least once/year. Guild members have access to all of the facilities (Some secret rooms still exist for only high-ranking guild members.  

The Wrinkle Academy of Magic

The Wrinkle Academy of Magic is a brand-new school of magic founded by the enthusiastic and intelligent gnome wizard, Obble Quillkeeper Humbleburrow Har. The Academy boasts eight lecture halls, two laboratories (one still under construction), a mostly-empty library (also under construction) and an administrative suite.  


University of Magical Arts
University of the Flanaess
Wizards’ Guildhall


A player character from Dyvers have no big university of college of magic. But could be an apprentice to a notable wizard working and living there.  


Elves are taught by the Masters of Wizardry in Enstad.  


There is little in the way of organized magic in Furyondy. No true wizard’s guild exists, and the monastery to Boccob in Pantarn represents the only real collection of spell casters and notable sages of the arcane in the Kingdom, outside of the King’s own magical advisors. Many prominent wizards operating in Furyondy have ties to the monastery, and most have spent at least some time studying there.  

Gnarley Forest Elves

Clan Fealefel clan is ruled by a Council of Wizards five strong, and has always produced more wizards than the other clans. Most are specialist wizard, however one school never specialized is Necromancy. Any wizard daring to specialize in Necromancy is expelled from the clan, hunted down and destroyed. Clan Fealefel elves are mostly gray elves but a few high elves make up the lot.  

Independent Wizards

There are many Wizards in the world that either practice their research as a hermit, out in the wilds alone with no civilization within miles. Or a Wizard will setup shop in a small town or hammlet to practice in exchange for providing the locals in need and yearly taking on a new apprentice that shows promise and passes the wizards test. That apprentice till be expect and used as a lab assistant and servant until promoted to Wizard.


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