Much of the crime throughout the Viscounty of Verbobonc is orchestrated by a secret organization known as “the Family.” It members are more than leg-breakers and petty criminals; even the lowest-ranked members of the Family are skilled rogues with quick feet and smooth words. Although the Family is pervasive—it certainly operates at minimum in Verbobonc City and Rhynehurst —its exact structure and headquarters are unknown. The Family is organized in a hierarchy, and members rarely know anyone outside of their immediate superior and subordinates. The lowest rank in the organization consists of “Friends of the Family,” who receive their orders from “Cousins.” Cousins, in turn, receive orders from “Brothers” and “Sisters,” who seem to administer the Family’s operations. It is rumored that these “Brothers” receive orders from shadowy “Aunts” and “Uncles” of the Family, but these masterminds are virtually unknown. They have certainly never been captured or identified.  


The Thieves Quarter of the city of Dyvers holds the thieves guilds operations. But they also play the political game with the other guilds in the city. Guild Wars can also be competitive. One of the longest standing wars is that between the Thieves Guild and the Society of Courtesans for control of the Fences Guild. To protect their own independence, the Fences Guild attempts to play off the Courtesans against the Thieves. Aware of this, the Thieves, have more than once attempted to take over the Courtesans directly. It was in the middle of this fight that the League of Assassins made their successful bid for independence. They have now joined the fray, seeking to annex all of the other three guilds.   Gnome thieves can be from the the village of Shelleton or Namburil in the Gnarley Forest, or from the Gnome Quarter in the city of Verbobonc. More commonly from the gnomist Free Alliance of the Kron Hills in the Greenvalley. Sheernobb is a hammlet located just outside the Kron Hills in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. All are excellent starter locations for a new gnome character.   Elven dual class thieves can either be from the Clan Sherendyl in the Gnarley forest. This clan has a reputation for producing the finest Elven warriors. Or the Evlen Enclave of Verbobonc city.   Dwarves commonly are from Clan Rockhall in the Lortmil mountains. This is the closest dwarven enclave in the area. But a dwarven thief would be estranged member of a human thieves guild.   Halfling thieves can come from the city of Verbobonc or one of the only halfling communities in the area Littleburrow in western viscounty. Halfing communities are more common in Furyondy.


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