Characters of the Fighter class can be from almost anywhere. Enlisted as a Mounted Borderer of Verbobonc or the son of a retired mercenary or guard from any village or city. Fighters of any race can be from practically anywhere.  

Knights of the Hart

Far less militant in its outlook, and divided into three separate branches, the Knights of the Order of the Hart were organized to assure that the central states Furyondy , Veluna , Highfolk ) retained their freedom and purpose. Because these nations are quite decentralized and none maintains any sizable standing military force, each is subject to sudden incursions and threats from neighbors.  

The Knights of Furyondy

Of the three orders of the Knights of the Hart, the Knights of Furyondy are the most similar to their predecessors in that their training revolves around shaping their members into superior mounted combatants. Those seeking to become a knight must initially meet the strict standards of the order and henceforth undergo a codified training regimen, holding rank within the order based upon the level of training they have received.  

The Knights of Veluna

The Knights of Veluna are unique among the Knights of the Hart, for they are very nearly a religious order, albeit an extremely varied one. Consequently, the Knights of Veluna have a higher percentage or warrior-priests among their order. Many clerics of Veluna’s College of Bishops are members of the order. Though the Knights of Veluna are expected to train in horsed combat, as are all Knights of the Hart, they also train their membership in the arts of diplomacy and negotiation with the aim of solving conflicts peacefully, as well as being better able to recruit soldiery and bring powerful martial alliances to bear against their enemies if diplomacy fails.  

The Knights of the High Forest

he Knights of the High Forest are the most divergent from the original model of the Knight Protectors, as they accept only those of olven blood into their membership and train their knights in skills catering to combat within woodland environments. As the lands they guard are composed almost completely of woodlands, Knights of the High Forest are trained in many skills of use in such terrain. Due to the emphasis of the order’s training and their purpose of guarding Highfolk and its allied woodland realms, many knights have training as rangers.  

Mounted Borderers

The Mounted Borderers, as a group, are considered the most capable soldiers the Viscounty of Verbobonc has to offer. As the only military arm directly reporting to the Viscount, their duties are many. The Mounted Borderers are responsible for patrolling the frontiers of Verbobonc, from the difficult terrain of the Lortmils to the deep forests of the Gnarley. They are central to the Viscounties defense and make up the majority of its heavy cavalry.  

1st Company - High Guard of the Viscount

Duty: Verbobonc City and the Viscount Directly Headquarters: Castle Grayfist, Verbobonc City Commanding Officer: Ryiis el Lendreer, Knight Bannerette Mounted Borderers who have proved their courage, resourcefulness, and honor while serving the Viscounty, maybe assigned to the High Guard of the Viscount. For a Mounted Borderer, there is no higher honor. Duties generally include day-to-day safety of the Viscount, following up on potential trouble, and fulfilling special tasks called for by the Viscount himself. Many evil deeds have been averted because of the bravery and intelligence of the High Guard.  

2nd Company – “The Spears of Hagthar”

Duty: Western Viscounty, Iron Wood , and Southwestern Lortmils Headquarters: Castle Hagthar Commanding Officer: Egret Rhynehurst, Knight Captain Treacherous mountains and the ominous threat of strange creatures from the west keep the 2nd on their toes. Charged with protecting the western reaches of the Viscounty, they are adept at fighting in all kinds of terrain and weather. It is said that Knight Captain Rhynehurst runs a tight outfit, strictly adhering to rules and regulations. Battle proven and time tested, the “Spears of Hagthar” are considered the most honorable and most organized of all Mounted Borderer companies.  

3rd Company – “The Longriders”

Duty: Eastern Viscounty, the Gnarley Forest , Southeastern Kron Headquarters: Ostverk Commanding Officer: Waldgraf Corbin Deleveu , Knight Commander “In the dark forests and rolling hills, one Longrider is worth ten men…maybe more. They use guerilla tactics and their panache for timing to draw out the enemy and unbalance him. Lone wolves the lot of them.” -Knight Bachelor Sir Tomas du Envil, Mounted Borderer historian.    

Knights of the Faithful Defender

In Verbobonc The Knights of the Faithful Defender, sometimes called the White Guard for the white tabards they wear, are the personal guard of the viscount. They are the elite heavy cavalry, and all are skilled horsemen and powerful fighters.  

Gnome fighters

Gnome fighters can be from the City of Verbobonc, the village of Shelleton or Namburil in the Gnarley Forest, from the Gnome Quarter in the city of Verbobonc. More commonly from the gnomish Free Alliance of the Kron Hills in the Greenvalley. Sheernobb is a hamlet located just outside the Kron Hills in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. All are excellent starter locations for a new gnome character.  

Elven fighter

Elven fighter can either be from the Elven Enclave in Verbobonc city or the Clan Sherendyl in the Gnarley forest. This clan has a reputation for producing the finest Elven warriors. Also, Celene fighters are world renown for the knights.  

Knights of Luna

The Knights of Luna is an elven order of knighthood dedicated to preserving the monarchy of Celene and the noble traditions of the Grey Elves throughout the central Flanaess. The Knights are some 180 strong, most being warriors, warrior-mages, or warrior-priest (usually of Corellon Larethian). Some one-third are half-elves, and this population is the one from which they currently recruit most of their new members. Half of them dwell within Celene itself, many venturing into the Welkwood and beyond to acquire information and support the woodsmen of the Gnarley and upper Suss forests.  

Dwarven fighter

Dwarven fighters commonly are from Clan Rockhall in the Lortmil mountains. This is the closest dwarven enclave in the area.  

Halfling fighters

Halfling fighters can come from the city of Verbobonc or one of the only halfling communities in the area Littleburrow in western viscounty. Halfing communities are more common in Furyondy.


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