Druids of the Gnarley Forest

  The druids of the Gnarley forest are no more than 30 in number, nearly all dwelling alone. They revere Ehlonna , and for this reason have some friends among the wood elves. Druids do not care for woodsmen, but they know that they respect the forest. They welcome The Gnarley Rangers and Swanmay in particular. Militia, and adventurers, are avoided unless a druid has need of help.   Almost every small farming village is served by a druid. Any small town or the gnarley forest are excellent starting places for Druid characters.   The Gnarley Druids are dedicated to the well-being of the Great Forest and the training of the younger druids. As long as can be remembered, the Druids have been within the forest, working to keep it healthy. The Gnarley Druids are often referred to as the Bards of the Gnarley, for they value oral folklore, and several druids are even known to enjoy singing or playing a stringed instrument. They protect the forest from intrusion and exploitation by the wanton spread of both humanity and humanoids. This results in neutral relations with the surrounding political entities of Greyhawk, Dyvers, Verbobonc, the Kron Hills Alliance, and Celene. They work with those who have managed to build a place within the Great Forest. The Druids of the Gnarley are on good terms with The Gnarley Rangers , whom they view as companions in their combined stewardship of the forest. They are also on good terms with the Sorority of Swanmay , werebears, and to a lesser extent the People of the Wood. The Druids feel a close kinship to the Oaken Father as partners in the guardianship of the forest trees. Sharing a reference for Ehlonna and all beings in the forest, the Druids and Elves of the Gnarley Forest clans of the Gnarley are on cordial terms. The Faerie Folk of the Gnarley Forest and the Druids of the Gnarley are aware of each other. Some brownies and dryads even count the Druids as friends. When outsiders threaten the forest, the Druids’ first choice is to send for the Gnarley  

Druids of the Old Faith

At the core of the Old Faith is Beory the Oerth Mother. She is the wellspring of all life and some druids consider her the manifestation of Oerth itself. Additionally, the Old Faith believes that each season has a deity who acts as steward for that portion of the year. The identities of these gods vary, depending upon the faithful. Like nature, the Old Faith is very adaptable.   When human settlers first moved into the area that would become Viscounty of Verbobonc , they brought the Old Faith with them. Their clan chiefs were advised by Druidic councilors and their ceremonies were steeped in Druidic custom. Although the current Viscount is now advised by the Bishop Haufren of St. Cuthbert , many of the Old Ways are still followed by the rural folk of the viscounty. Many farmers say “I’d rather face an army of angry Billets than go to harvest without the blessings of the Old Ones.” And the matrons of those farms more often than not ask for a druid’s presence during the birth of her children to enact the enigmatic Ritual of Days upon the newborn child.  


Gnome druids can be from the the village of Shelleton or Namburil in the Gnarley Forest, or from the Gnome Quarter in the city of Verbobonc. More commonly from the gnomist Free Alliance of the Kron Hills in the Greenvalley. Sheernobb is a hammlet located just outside the Kron Hills in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. All are excellent starter locations for a new gnome character.   Elven druids can either be from the Clan Enlanefel in the Gnarley forest. Some are clerics and others are druids. Enlanefel elves are treated as the seers, mystics, loremasters, and grove guardians.   Halfling druids can come from the city of Verbobonc or one of the only halfling communities in the area Littleburrow in western viscounty. Halfing communities are more common in Furyondy.


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