Cleric and Paladins

Clerics can be from almost anywhere. From Veluna to Dyvers and Furyondy to Celene. Here is a guide of the most common priesthoods of the area. All the gods are listed in the master campaign website but below are the most commonly played my player characters.  

St. Cuthbert

Worship of St. Cuthbert is the fastest growing religion in Central Flanaess. It has a strong backing from the The Free City of Greyhawk to Veluna and from Furyondy to Celene , where temples and shrines are commonplace. In the land of Verbobonc, known for the Temple of Elemental Evil and where evil has gained a foothold in the past, the Stalwart Cudgellers patrol and protect the innocent with an unwavering zeal. Through the tireless efforts of the Church of St. Cuthbert, the viscounty has accepted it as the state-favored religion.   St.Cuthbert has been declared the official patron of the city Verbobonc. The Cuthbertine administration of Verbobonc is divided into eight guardianships, and most of these guardianships are headquartered in an abbey. Each abbey provides a home and trains cudgellers in all aspects of their lives as followers of St. Cuthbert. These guardianships operate out of Verbobonc City, Rhynehurst , Thaymouth , Village of Hommlet , Osnabrolt , Lorien’s Point (on the western edge of the Gnarley Forest), Loren’s Ford , and Ostverk . In most cases, the abbey is not located within the town, but just outside of it.  


The Cathedral of Trithereon occupies a special place in the religious life of the city of Verbobonc. The current high priest, Cornelius Arx, is perhaps the city's most highly respected soul. A wizened patriarch is one of the highest ranking priests of Trithereon in all the Flanaess. His counsel is often sought by the Viscount, and he is loved by all for his heartwarming and gentle style. Trithereon’s followers have always been a presence in Verbobonc, but until recently they were not considered a major factor in events occurring in the Viscounty. With the currently political climate shifting, the followers of the Summoner have used this to their advantage to press for reforms and changes so that the unscrupulous nobility can no longer exploit those in their care.   Because the faith praises individuality over standardized doctrine, each church has a different focus but is allied with all others. Trithereon's clerics are rugged individualists, never afraid to question authority. Those in cities instruct commoners in self-defense and recruit like-minded rogues and rangers for the cause of individual liberty. Those in rural areas act as scouts or spies against despotic lords or murderous nonhumans. Both sorts keep close watch on Lawful religions lest they become too powerful. The Summoner's clerics travel far and wide in search of those in need of their help. The Summoner’s faith is active in the Yeomanry as well as Verbobonc, and members frequently travel to that land to get support for their efforts in the Viscounty.   The Church of Trithereon in Verbobonc has set up shop in Rhynehurst. The faith is also well established in Furyondy  


The worship of Rao has suffered of late within Verbobonc. During the Elemental War, many of Rao's faithful turned to the more militant worship of St. Cuthbert. Although some returned, the widespread wars saw another diminishing of followers. Worship of Rao is mostly limited to Verbobonc's nobility. While most of the Viscounty's leadership pays its respects to the power of reason, the increased call for action has further isolated them from the commoners. Monastery of the Reverent Brothers located in the city of Verbobonc.   Rao has many more worshippers in Furyondy  


Mayaheine is a goddess of the Common pantheon and something of a pelorite answer to the churches of St. Cuthbert and Bahamut. Mayaheine is more of a saint in the church of Pelor than a separate cult. She is an exarch of Pelor, a goddess of knights and the defender of civilized society. One of the major churches in Furyondy. Many members of the knights of the Order of the Hart in Furyondy and Verbobonc.  


The Abbey of the Valorous Knight located in the Viscounty of Verbobonc at Larneystoe. The Temple of Heironeous is located in the City of Verbobonc Knights of the Holy Shielding and the Knights of the Watch have strong ties to this faith found in Verbobonc, Veluna and Furondy. The church of Heironeous, and that the priests often employ the service of noble adventurers. The first is the Vanguard Valiant, an order of paladins and warriors who operate out of Furyondy, and range as far south as the Lost Lands of Sterich and Geoff. In Furyondy, the King and the warrior elite (especially officers and paladins) adhere to this faith. Also a major religion on Veluna.  


Clan Enlanefel

In the Gnarley forest, this small clan make up the religious leaders of the elven clans. Some are clerics and others are druids. Enlanefel elves are treated as the seers, mystics, loremasters, and grove guardians. They do not seek temporal power or authority, but are the guardians of elven secrets; and also perform marriages, funerals, blessings, and births. Ehlonna is a very old goddess. She combats those who would harm or despoil the forest of its resources and beauty.   There are two distinct factions of this church. There are those who view Ehlonna as a Flan goddess and the sister of Obad-Hai . They consider her to be a member of the “Old Faith,” a loose organizational term for the old Flan deities whose sphere of influence encompasses the natural world. The second faction is composed of those who revere her as Ehlenestra, an elven goddess of the wood. This faction is in the minority, but that minority consists of her elven worshipers in the Gnarley Forest .  


Boccob’s clergy are described as echoing his detached stance on worldly affairs, and instead look towards different pursuits such as magical research and the creation of magical items. Members of Boccob’s clergy are often multiclass cleric/wizards or cleric/sorcerers. In Furyondy the largest church and the center of worship for this god is located in the city of Pantarn in the Barony of Littleberg. The followers of Boccob are not many in Furyondy, although this faith has been growing. Major Temple in Dyvers as well. Boccob’s clerics are usually neutral, though a small minority are chaotic neutral. Some are lawful neutral, neutral evil, or neutral good. The church does not actively encourage others to study magic, but neither does it discourage them; its primarily concern is balance.  


The Chapel of Zilchus located in the city of Verbobonc and in Dyvers the Free City. Major Temple, business oversight, guild connection.   Zilchus' clerics are ruthless in business and often seen as emotionless. They are heavily involved in business and politics, and conduct deals above or below the table depending upon their disposition. They work for powerful merchants, trade and crafts guilds, politicians, or nations, making transactions and garnering prestige for themselves and their employers. Neophytes get less glorious jobs, such as managing caravans or remote businesses, but some are hired to participate in high-risk but potentially profitable enterprises such as smuggling contraband and adventuring.  


Church of Pelor in the city of Verobonc. Pelor's clerics often come in two forms. First are the quiet, kindly priests. They are nurturers, protectors, providers, and preachers. But when the time comes to bear arms they are not afraid to do so and even these kindly priests have been well-trained in the art of war. The second type of Priest is much more outwardly and inwardly militant, judgmental, and harsh. These are the inquisitors of the faith and when their enemies are uncovered and captured, they are made to confess by torture and then purified by fire (burned to death).   The Church of Pelor is a common faith in the Viscounty of Verbobonc, much beloved by the common folk of the land. A member of the governing Council of Abbots, the followers of the Sun Father, and the recently ascended Shield Maiden, form a strong and benevolent flock. Working across the Viscounty to promote health and defense, members of this church receive a welcome reception in the local areas they visit.   Pelor in the city of Dyvers has a Major Temple, hospices, orphanages.  


Temple of the Blinding Light located in the city of Verobonc. One of the smaller members of the Council of Abbots, the Church of Pholtus makes up for the lack of membership with vocal and active participation in events occurring in Verbobonc. The breakdown of common norms has shown the Pholtans that the Church of Saint Cuthbert is incapable of effectively imposing law and order for any length of time in the Viscounty. The Cuthbertine’s tolerance for the more chaotic faiths, like the Church of Trithereon or the Church of Ehlonna, has undermined their authority in the land. And so the Church of Pholtus seeks to establish its presence wherever possible to bring law into the land and to vanquish chaos. Those that follow “the One True Way” are strident and vigilant against disorder and chaos, and show no tolerance for those who do not give all for the cause of Law. Members do not have much respect for those of other religions, especially chaotic ones.  


The most common activity of the church is the blessing of caravans and other groups of individuals about to set out on long journeys. “Fair journey friend” is used as a blessing and as a closing in conversations. Other duties include the exploration of unknown territory, updating the stockpiles of maps kept by the various chapterhouses, and serving as scouts and guards to caravans and armies of good aligned nations. Some priests, who tend to keep to a particular area, make excellent guides or caravan masters. An additional duty imposed upon priests within the boundaries of Viscounty of Verbobonc is to gather information about anything that could prove to be politically important. This is not spying, it is just passive information gathering.   There are two main centers of worship for the Dweller on the Horizon in the viscounty. The head of the church, Father Pilchus , works out of Rhynehurst . This church is a large two-story wooden building right off the Riverwalk and adjacent to Randuun’s Regalia, the premier wilderness outfitter in the region. It is a quiet building filled with maps, books covering a wide variety of subjects and dormitories for itinerant clerics. The second church of Fharlanghn in the viscounty is in Verbobonc City. This large bustling building is a beehive of activity. Situated directly on the merchants square, with a prime view of the main city gates, these clerics are busy. Blessing caravans, inspecting cargo and transport animals, acting as guides, giving travel advice and weather information, and a myriad of other tasks to assist travelers of all stripes keep these clerics occupied round the clock.  


Temples of Istus can be found in the city of Dyvers and Greyhawk. Fellowship of the Gilded Knot is a major temple in Dyvers. Most Dyversians seek a beneficial relationship with the Lady of Our Fate. Business is one prominent reason for this, for even the best and wealthiest of merchants longs for an inkling of good fortune on a regular basis.  


This new deity, whose tenants are a blend of protective strength and powerful warriors, has drawn many followers since she appears to represent a new hope for the lands of Furyondy. Her clerics encourage rebuilding of the northern defenses and alliance with the Highfolk, and she enjoys open support from Belvor and many of the northern nobles. Her faith is much less common in the southern provinces. Her main church is fairly small, with only about 200 members in all of Furyondy. The temple is based in Grabford, the capital of Crystalreach. The head of her church, Cellinor, is a powerful warrior who converted from Heironeous to follow the teachings of Mayaheine.  


The closest chruch of Celestian is located in the city of Greyhawk.  


She works favorably with any being that respects knowledge, learning, and the arts, but she opposes those that would destroy art and knowledge or hide it. Many Oeridian sorcerers and wizards worship Lirr, particularly those who dislike Delleb's conservative and reclusive nature.   Located in the city of Verbobonc. The Conservatory of Lirr is a school of art and music. The proximity to the Silver Consortium is not a coincidence, as both schools share a grand library and some magical facilities. Beautiful music can always be heard emanating from this building. Huge auditoriums are filled with students mastering all manner of musical instruments. Poetry recitals, book readings, painting classes, etc can be found in the curriculum of the school. Novice clerics of Lirr spend months making copies of the libraries archives of books, scrolls, poems, works of art, etc.  


The Laughing Rogue Hostle and Chapel of Olidammara in the city of Verbobonc. Simple shrines to Olidammara are common in concert halls and public houses. However, the larger temples are hidden (often in the city's sewer network), because they double as a hideout for thieves.   Clerics of Olidammara study music, make wine, tell jokes, and occasionally perform acts of mayhem. Those who live in cities tend to work as entertainers or vintners, while those who prefer rural settings act are storytellers, messengers, and minstrels. Many of them live a life on the run from powerful people whom they greatly offended early in their careers. Others just enjoy traveling in search of new music, exotic wines, and celebrations.  


Kord (KOHRD) is an incredibly powerful Suel god, second only to his grandfather, Lendor. Son of Phaulkon and Syrul, worshipped in the far north by the barabarian tribes. There is a small chapel in Dyvers.  


Most of the Shalm's clerics are male, whether human, gnome, halfling, or fey. Most tend get along very well with rangers and druids. They serve as protectors of nature, acting as the agents of retribution when their protection is insufficient or too late. They teach hunting in the way that nature's creatures do (choosing the weakest of the herd, etc.).     Obad-Hai's adherents learn to become one with the Shalm in isolation, surrounded by wilderness, Only at the beginning and end of a new cleric's training does he receive guidance from a senior member of ObadHai's clergy. The rest of the time is spent living oft the land and developing an instinctive connection to Obad- Hai's will. Not surprisingly, Obad-Hai counts more druids among his followers than clerics. You will find clerics in the Gnarley forest and Celene.  


Clerics of Beory are contemplative and spend their time communing with nature. They often associate with druids. When they gather, they defer to the wisest and oldest. As they try to see the greater picture, they tend to be slow to act, but when they do act it is direct and focused on the solution. They wander to feel the different sensations of the Oerth, and use their power to relieve the Oerth's pains where it has been wounded. You will find clerics in the Gnarley forest and Celene. Also small shrine outside of Verbobonc.  


Zodal's clerics spend their lives in simple circumstances, using their knowledge and abilities helping people in need and alleviating pain. They are drawn to warfare, to minister to the wounded and convince evildoers to change their ways. They adventure to bring attention to their cause, discover artifacts of good like the Crook of Rao, and destroy items that promote woe. Shrine to Zodal can be found in Dyvers at the The Shrine of Absolution.


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