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Session 0

General Summary

Party arrived at Norvegricus, defended it against a goblin attack John Brown, Mayor of Norvegricus, had them go retrieve the children to help his image Party found the cottage of the Piper, and stumbled into a meeting of Seras and the Piper Seras berated the Piper for kidnapping children, and gave the children coins to use if they ever felt unsafe at home The party fought Seras but submitted. She left the cottage. Place Holder had the Piper sign a piece of paper then filled in a confession, framing the mayor. Upon returning to the town, they were declared Heroes of Norvegricus, and bullied the mayor into giving them permanent rooms in his basement.

Missions/Quests Completed

Returned the children of Norvegricus

Character(s) interacted with

Seras Victoria Pied Piper

Created Content

Seras' Knife Coins of Dracula Dracula pamphlet

Report Date
03 May 2019

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