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Gwendline Ross, Shaman of Lupolis

Shaman of Lupolis

Lady Shaman Gwendle Ross (a.k.a. Gwen)

The leader of Lupolis, she cares deeply for her people and their connection to Malora.
She greets the players and gives them each a sniff.
Artymera - Smells like Malora (Freshly turned dirt and the smell just before it rains) and vinegar.
Edar - Smells like Tempest (Oiled blades and mountain air) and like a tomb left unopened for a hundred years.
Balrhum - Smells like Mordin (Coal and dip) and a faint whiff of disinfectant (From Seras' Knife).
Place Holder - Smells empty, but because of the relatively over powering smells of the other gods, she can pick up on the smell of cinnamon.
She explains to the party that someone whose soul smells of cinnamon is usually around areas of great tragedy.
Gwendle explains that gods cannot fall silent. They have a piece of themselves stashed somewhere in the world to facilitate connection to the world and thus its inhabitants. The pieces have never been seen by mortal eyes.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Protected the village from skeleton invasions

Current Location
A dull brown with streaks of grey
300 lbs

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