Into the Shadows

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Date: August 7, 2019 AD  
  In the year 2027 EoL (Era of Light), a world known as Eskǎvaëís exploded, leaving over 483k people stranded aboard a spaceship that would lead them to the planet Earth. This was how the paranormal creatures came to live on Earth among humanity.   Human governments in the year 1105 AD had to work things out with the paranormals, creating the Shadows Coalition. Together, they had to figure a way to cope with each other or face a doomed world around them.   Fast forward a few hundred years and the world has gone one with the paranormals staying in the shadows, unknown to the mundane humans who are not Hunters. New communities have sprung to life, leaving many government systems for the paranormals having to co-exist. For some, this is a breeze, as they are already integrated into human society. As for others? They have built completely twisted organizations.   Into the Shadows encompasses a four-dimensional realm, with the Realm of Soartaon at the top and the realm of Hel at the bottom. Throughout the Shadows, untamed forces stir, counting the seconds for when they can roam free.   Hunter airships, griffin sky stations, and warlock tech auto-armor are the swords and shields of the many-layered multiverse on the brink of war. Now, it is up to a new set of heroes to set the multiverse back on track...

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