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Misa's Journey into the Feywild

Plot points/Scenes

Chapter 1: Misa in Edrith'Nor

Outcast from society, she has to get food from the town without guards noticing, or fend for herself in the wilds. At camp, a Boggle steals her precious amulet, leading her to a portal to the Feywild  

Chapter 2: Pix and Wretched Gayle

On entering the Feywild, she meets Pix the Satyr who guides her along. He suggests meeting the witch Wretched Gayle in the the Salted Mire to locate the amulet. However, Pix is mainly just leading her to Gayle to fulfill his end of the bargain - bring her people to make deals with, in an effort to plot the downfall of Orn'Manathil. On meeting Misa, she immediately knows her identity, and rewards Pix for finding her, who leaves after receiving his reward. Gayle then provides Misa help finding her amulet in the way of a cursed ring, that guides Misa to what she desires, but gives allows Gayle to see through it and spy on her. When she put on the ring, it sliced her finger - Gayle collected the blood and created a Slithering Tracker with it.  

Chapter 3: Travels to Orn'Manathil

Upon exiting the swamp, Misa happens upon the corpse of Gallas Phaendar, covered in russet mold. After fighting off a few vegepygmies, Misa herself becomes infected with Russet mold. Growing tired in the woods, Misa makes camp and burns some nearby kindling to create a bonfire and cook some fish. During the night, she is confronted by a trio of Dryads who admonish her for burning the wood, and teach her how to produce magical flame instead.  

Chapter 4: Lower Orn'Manathil

Seeing the Eladrin city, Misa learns that she is not, in fact, a high elf as she thought. She meets back up with Pix, who explains the city a bit to her, and she learns of side tasks available to her to make some money and help her russet mold infection. She finds her way barred from reaching higher up in the city until she finds her amulet. Instead, she helps a Deavaus the shop keeper prepare some Boggle traps. Lastly, the city square explodes with gossip that one of the noble's sons have been killed, drained of all essence.  

Chapter 5: Dog Walking

Misa decided to take a moment to help a local blinkdog walker. Taking Fido on an astral chain, Misa makes her way around the city. Part way around they are attacked by a displacer beast, injuring Fido. Misa chased off the beast and got Fido back to town, receiving a reward for it and informing the town of the possible danger. She made her way to the local inn for the night. In the middle of the night, she was awoken by a coughing fit, expelling a green liquid when she coughed and feeling a heavy chill.  

Chapter 6: Retrieving her Amulet

In the morning, Misa attempts to get passed the guards, but still cannot without her amulet. She focuses her ring on the amulet, which points to the north of town. After a few hours of walking, Misa hears a series of massive crashes. After attempting to climb a tree for a vantage point and being knocked down by the vibrations, she stealthily approaches the source of the sounds. See Retrieving the Amulet for more. She succeeds in getting back her amulet, and learns faerie fire during the process. Later on, she is hassled by fairies until she can produce her breath weapon, which delights the fairies but frightens Misa.  

Chapter 7: Farpath and the Psuedodragon

Now with her amulet, Misa is free to head to the higher levels of Orn'Manathil. She is guided to the home of Dr. Farpath, who is quite ill. Misa learns from Farpath that russet mold and dragon blood are necessary to create an antidote. She also learns that the corpse she found was of Farpath's apprentice. As she left, she spotted the psuedodragon Skarl, who projected feelings of kinship to her. Skarl led Misa up another level into Orn'Manathil, to the funeral for Telphias Innorath, Aroakas' son.  

Chapter 8: Meeting Lord Innorath

During the funeral, Misa attempts to blend in with the natives so that she can talk to the man at the front of the room, Aroakas Innorath. She gives her condolences, talks to him about Farpath, and discusses Skarl. During the talk, Innorath notices the ring given to Misa by Gayle, and loses composure, revealing a scaled face. He promptly destroys the ring and warns Misa to be wary of Gayle. He then asks her to be careful in her quest to retrieve the russet mold, and promises to help her when she gets back. Misa forgets the interaction with Gayle that produced the Slithering Tracker. Skarl decides to join Misa on her journey.  

Chapter 9: Retrieving the Russet Mold and Gayle's Revelation

Misa meets with Elowhyn, a female summer eladrin who will accompany Misa on her quest at Innorath's request. Misa told her story to Elowhyn on the journey. Upon reaching the edge of vegepygmy territory, They were attacked by a Thorny. They were able to defeat it, but during the fight Misa accidentally injures Elowhyn. After patching up, the party locates the vegepygmy colony. Misa sneaks into the camp disguised as a pygmy and manages to steal some russet mold and leave the camp with little resistance. As they attempted to leave the swamp, Elowhyn was put to sleep by Gayle, who reveals that Misa is the grand daughter of Aroakas Innorath, and her father was Telphias Innorath. On top of that, through a reenactment using illusion magic, she reveals that the slithering tracker released using Misa's blood is behind the assassination of Telphias, meaning she was an unknowing instrument in her father's murder.  

Chapter 10: Return to Orn'Manathil

Attempting to return to town, Misa collapses due to her illness. The next thing she sees is the office ceiling in Dr. Farpath's practice. She was greeted by Dr. Farpath's assistant, who let her know she was carried here by Elowhyn, that skarl was safe, and that she has been treated with the cure made from dragon's blood and russet mold. She also learned that Farpath is not responding to the treatment. A few night's later she is awoken by the pained moans of Farpath, who succumbed to the infection and released a thorny, which she defeated. Guards heard the commotion, and upon seeing the remains, work to clean up the scene, take Misa's statement, and inform the assistant. After talking to the assistant, Misa is faced with Aorokas, who intends to train her as a sorcerer.

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Adventure Overview

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