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Edrith Nor


Almost exclusively high elves, with a few humans and dwarves working in the lower quarter. Uneven wealth, with the upper quarters and castle area kept secluded from the merchants, 3 large families and their servants control the upper area.  The lower area is only a few steps up from a slum.  Guard patrols are scarce in the lower area, concentrated mostly around the barriers between the upper and lower quarters.


Aristocracy.  A trio of rich nobles have a strong alliance at the top of the spire, which is maintained by money and intermarriage.  Smaller houses also exist, but are usually buoyed out of the underclass due to a mastery of magical artifice, performance, or artistic talent, as well as a reasonable bid for a high bloodline.


Defended by a public guard, lightly at the base but more strongly at higher levels.


Built as four concentric circles around an obsidian spire.  the bottom level and by far the largest is the Lower Quarter, which includes laborers, farmers, merchants, and industry for travelers, such as taverns, weapon shops and inns.  This is ground level, and experiences a fair bit of shade from the upper levels, leading to a more seedy atmosphere.  The next level up, which can be accessed by stairs at each of the cardinal directions from the spire, is the Fools Quarter, mainly used for entertainment, theater, and the only location that the aristocracy mingles with the lower caste.  The next circle, joined by stairs in the east and west, and is the most heavily guarded, is the Upper Quarter, which included the residence of the aristocracy, and the trade guild.  The outer ring is high class residence overlooking the land, while the inner circle include masterwork tradesman who play the energies from the spire into useful and expensive items.  At the very top, you have the Quarter of Radiance, where those elected by the 3 families assert control, create guidelines, and try criminals.  It is a small room build enshrining the tip of the spire.


The obsidian spire radiates magical energy, and the tradesmen create objects for sale.

Natural Resources

Obsidian spire, which allows for the creation of magical items

Alternative Name(s)
Tower City
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Edrith Nor
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Grand Council of Nor

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