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Agilmar Silvester (Agil-mar Siy-LVAH-STReh)

This was inspired by the World Anvil Summer Camp of 2021. This is for the article: A Renowned Pirate, Highwayman or Other Criminal

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Agilmar Silvester was born into the Raven Paw Tribe within the Dark Swamps in the year 4969. He was a member Silvester Clan. They specialize in scouting and hunting. Agilmar learned many of his skills within the clan.   Within the tribe, Agilmar was known for being the fastest, strongest, and most mobile of the children. He was known to be faithful, forthright, kind, cocky, impatient, and impulsive. He did not put up with anyone he thought was in the wrong.   One day as a child some of the other children were picking on a female for being a member of the Gudrun Clan. He ended up getting into a fistfight with the children to end the bullying. Due to this, the female started to develop feelings for him. Her name was Sophia Gudrun. He was completely clueless about this.   A day later after Agilmar was out hunting he came back to his father only to find he was upset with him. Apparently, he was told he picked on and beat up the children for no reason. When Agilmar started to explain to his father he thought Agilmar was lying. This only served to enrage his father and he proceeded to beat him. This became a common occurrence for him. He eventually learned to tell him what he wanted to hear to avoid the beatings.   After that Agilmar spent much time together with Sophia. he wanted to make sure she didn't get bullied anymore. They grew close over the years. He was still clueless about her feelings.   At the age of 16, Agilmar set forth on the Silvester Clan Coming of Age Ceremony. The ritual gives those of the clan to improve their skills as a scout and hunter. One must at least survive outside of the clan for one year before returning to the tribe. Sometimes after the ceremony is complete the individual involved will leave the clan to make their own way in the world. This was the case with him. Before they are allowed to leave they are to first obtain a mate. Agilmar spent much time trying to find one around the tribe, he was completely clueless. One day someone joked about him and Sophia becoming mates. Sophia ended up saying something without thinking" that their children would look nice", this embarrassed her so much she fainted. After which Agilmar was no longer clueless. They soon became mates and were wed.   After this, they moved to Glow City. Here Agilmar found work to be hard to come by. In secret, Sophia took up a prostitution job in Nashta. Eventually, he found out. Worried about her safety and health. He told her if she was all right with doing an illicit activity he would find work with the Void Cloaks and she wouldn't have to do that job anymore. She agreed to this plan. After this, they moved into Nashta.   Agilmar had already been contacted by the Void Cloaks as a new recruit. He had to do some things he wasn't proud of to make sure his wife and himself could live. There was a test for recruits. It served to weed out the unskilled and untrust worth. He passed the test with such speed and skill that the upper echelons of the Void Cloaks had taken notice of. Over the course of 10 years, he raised his rank and notoriety within the guild. Eventually, the previous leader retired leaving it to Agilmar.
Age: 31
Affiliation(s): Void Cloaks, Glow City
Eye Color: Light Blue
Family: Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father
Fur: Black, Long
Gender: Male Height: TBD
Hobby(s): Parkour, Hunting, Fishing
Nickname(s): Dashing Shadow
Occupation(s): Void Cloaks Leader
Spirit(s) Respected: TBD
Species: Cat Folk
Weight: TBD

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