USC Inquisitor

The Inquisitor was an Achilles Class battleship in the United Space Command's First Fleet. First launched around the year 2589, the Inquisitor was no stranger to combat. In fact, it was very nearly destroyed on her maiden voyage traveling between Earth and Eurodance in the after fighting of the Second Nuclear War. Since then, the Inquisitor had been through almost 192 missions, most of which were resupply runs and escort missions in the Armstrong System. The Inquisitor's next biggest conflict came when it was dispatched to quell the civil uprising of the Jovian moons of Titan, Io, and Ganymede in 2687. Though the Inquisitor made through without extensive damage, her commander, General Kate Reynolds, was killed.   The Inquisitor sat in Space dock for the next few years until she was reassigned a new commander, Admiral Gregory Armstrong, on March 2, 2715. Since then, the Inquisitor has done numerous Black OP missions for the Office of Space Intelligence. Most of which are still highly classified so I cannot go into them. However, in late 2720, the Inquisitor was tasked in delivering the first four 'prototype' H5 Interceptor Fighters from Paradise Ranch Air Force base (Area 51) to Harmony's Donald Trump Air Force/Marine Corps Joint Military Base.   During the attack on Harmony by the Arabic Republic, the Inquisitor was the only USC starship that was not involved in the battle, nor was it damaged, despite having been in orbit at the time. There have been many theories about why this is. According to Admiral Armstrong's log of the date, the Inquisitor was called away on an important mission by former Fleet Admiral, Jude Miles, however, Admiral Miles commented that he knew of no such mission. If this true, than Admiral Armstrong acted without or against orders and then covered it up. Though, a formal investigation was issued to get to the bottom of this on May 27, 2721, Armstrong was left in command pending a full investigation. During this time, the Inquisitor returned to doing mundane supply runs to any colonized world under the UNF flag. It wasn't until the Spring of 2725, that the Inquisitor was given a high priority mission to investigate or assist in the evacuation of the Russian-controlled planet, Aurora by request of Russian President, Dimitri Sokolov.  
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Upon investigating the regional space around Aurora, Armstrong and his fleet discovered what looked like 'alien' spacecrafts in geostationary orbit around the planet; and even though Article 3, Section 5 of the 'First Contact' Act forbid any violent action against an alien species per starting an interstellar conflict, Armstrong disobeyed direct order to withdraw and opened fire on the unknown ships. In the minutes that followed, Admiral Armstrong and everyone on board the Inquisitor and 39 ships of First Fleet were all killed.

Production information

Manufacturer: Frostfire Industries   Designer: United States Armed Forces (Navy)   Designation: ABSS-15   Class: Achilles-class

Technical specifications

Length: 4,803 ft.   Width: 479 ft.   Height/Depth: 380.7 ft.   Maximum speed: 250,000 miles per second   Engine unit(s): Sublight engines, Maneuvering thrusters, Ward Translight Hyperspace Engine   Fuel: Nuclear fuel rods   Power plant: Fusion reactor   Shielding: Mark-V Generators   Hull: Tungsten/Steel   Sensor systems: Sorenson Radar Systems   Navigation system: Computer and AI navigational systems   Armament: Cruise missiles, Nuclear missiles, MJC Ion Mass accelerator Cannon, 200mm defense guns (x18)   Complement: 35 Interceptor Fighters, 20 Bombers, 20 tanks, troop carriers, ATVs, 10 star saber hover bikes, and 3 dropships.   Crew: 15,000   Minimum crew: 2,000   Other systems: Escape shuttles, War Games Virtual Simulators


Role(s): Battleship   Year introduced: 2589   Status: Active   Affiliation: United Space Command/First Fleet   Commander: Rear Admiral Gregory Armstrong


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19 Sep, 2021 18:49

overall good article, couple of things I noticed. designation- a lot of people have made this mistake (in my opinion) but designation, at least for a military vessel, would be something like BS-33 (33rd battleship made by that military) possibly BSS for battleship-space. similar to how carriers and submarines in the US navy added N to the designation when they started being nuclear powered (SS became SSN, CV became CVN).   Crew compliment seems about right for the size, but with spacefaring most of what i know is thrown out the window   also, the thought of a 200 year old vessel actively being in combat terrifies me. most current navy vessels are designed to last between 30 and 50 years, and usually undergo at least 1 extensive retrofit in that time. but the changes in technology make their designs nearly obsolete after that time. I sort of read this as similar to if someone today said that the United States uses the USS Constitution museum to do black ops missions. It would help if there was a reason given that its technology is still relevant, especially as given modern ships-class naming conventions it is at least the 2nd ship built of its class

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19 Sep, 2021 20:57

Thank you for the comment, drunkenpanda951 I'll look into fixing the designation. I too feel same way about the crew sizes. I used the crew size for US ships as a comparison. As for the age of certain ships, any vessel older than 100 years under goes several refits every 15 years in computer, weapons, reactor, and shielding systems, as well as improving of armor plating.