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Samara the Enchantress

The Weaver, the Dreamer and the Judge

Farewell, heart of mine, you have bled too much. I cast you away, may you be forgotten and bring me pain no more.
— Extract from Samara's Plea, 47 I.A

The Weave is invisible, and it is everywhere. Every living being moves through it, every star hangs from the sky by its design. Many can influence it too, nimbly creating innumerable wonders by plucking the strands around them. But their might and power is nothing compared to that of Samara the Enchantress, who sat behind her loom meticulously weaves the grand Tapestry of Magic.

Samara is also known for her romantic heart, always falling in love with charming mortals, too naive for her own safety. In a particularly tragic course of events, she was duped by a mortal who stole they keys of her secret chest to set magic free, allowing magic to pour into the world. Samara's heart was broken. She cast it away, promising to never let herself suffer again.

The Weaver

Arcana, Knowledge
A weaver's tools

by Jan Canty
Guardian of magic, Samara the Weaver is tasked with overseeing the great Tapestry of Magic, also known as the Nasij Min Alsihr. She used to jealously guard the Weave, making sure mortals could not meddle with it. But when the Age of Magic came, and the Weave tied itself to the Material Plane, there was nothing she could do to stop the rise of magic users.

Since then, she has resolved to help and guide mortals in their quest to learn magic, while making sure their ambitions do not drive them to any extremes. Followers of the Weaver are determined to solve the biggest mysteries of magic, and understand its fickle nature.

The Weave is the patron of scholars and academics, and her reach on knowledge has long extended past the bounds of magic.

The Dreamer

A blue flower

The Dreamer is a romantic goddess, her head always up in the clouds. She is hopelessly in love with love itself, forever jealous of the bounds that unite her fellow gods Aher the Throneless and Kirïal the Silent. It is she who gifted the sacred bond that is Habayan to mortals, hoping that with this they would never find themselves as lonely as she does.

However, after a deep betrayal broke her heart, Samara found herself unable to deal with her pain. She tore her heart out and threw it away, and it was lost forever in the Material Plane.

Her priests have sought to recover it, so that they may return it to their goddess. But many others wish to find it for darker purposes, hoping they may manipulate Samara if only they had her heart.
by Laura Vinck

The Judge

True Neutral
Order, Knowledge
A wooden staff

Samara by Edmund Dulac
Because of her boundless knowledge and bleeding heart, the gods had seen fit to make Samara the judge of their affairs. She knows all, was compassionate and wise, if a little naive when it came to the goodness of mortals. But none have ever disagreed with her final decisions, for they are always just and fair. Trials lead by Samara appear in a few myths, often in exemplum and other literary works.

Priests of Samara the Judge work in close association with The Well, and are trusted because of their devotion to the most equitable of all gods. They are often sought out as advisors, both in legal matters as much as personal times of trouble.
by Edmund Dulac

The Broken-hearted

After the loss of her heart, Samara withdrew from her followers. Gone were the intimate moments she might've shared with a devout worshipper, the blessings and signs she left for her faithful.

Guardian of Secrets

Samara, as well as being the keeper of the Weave, is also the guardian of the Library of Secrets, Maktaba the Hidden. She is an archivist at heart, storing all sorts of forbidden and dangerous knowledge in the dusty shelves of her home. Is is quite similar to the Library of Souls of the god Kirïal, and some go as far to speculate they are one and the same.

by Darran Shen

Temples of Samara

The places of worship dedicated to Samara tend to be the biggest amongst the temples, for the often tend to include libraries of phenomenal size and house several scholars not affiliated to the cult. Sometimes, they even double as places of higher educations, in partnership with the government of whatever city they are installed in.

The temples themselves are impressive feats of architecture, built of stone and stretching high up in the sky. Delicate glass work decorate the windows, and the walls and ceilings are covered in frescos depicting a myriad of tales and stories.

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Cover image: by Mohammad Ali Berenji


Author's Notes

And here we go, the last god of the Saohri Faith! After WE is done, I'll update the first two I wrote about, now that I have a better of the global situation. If you enjoyed the read, feel free to leave a like and comment!

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8 Dec, 2020 17:16

Aw this is so sad. Poor Samara. :( I quite like the diversity of her aspects, and I love the image of her sitting at her loom.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
8 Dec, 2020 17:20

Hopefully a group of adventurers will be able to bring her heart back to her some day. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to comment!

Author of Interarcanum.
Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
8 Dec, 2020 21:07

That opening line gave me chills. I love how you describe the different facets of this character. She is such a tragic figure but absolutely fascinating.

Cait x
8 Dec, 2020 21:14

I'm glad the quote had its effect! Thank you so much for the kind words, they mean a lot :)

Author of Interarcanum.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
8 Dec, 2020 22:31

Ooof. I love your use of epithets. The aspects are done very well. I love the idea of magic as a fabric with a weave behind it. Well done. Also yesssss some of it is a bit sad but she is the one who gave Habayan! This makes me happy.

8 Dec, 2020 22:48

I'm glad you like them! And thank you for the kind words :). Hopefully I'll have the time to write some more about Habayan this week!

Author of Interarcanum.
Journeyman David_Ulph
David Alexander
13 Dec, 2020 15:55

Beautiful stuff once again, and it's won a follow from me! I'm yet to write up any of my deities mainly due to the fact I didn't know how to write up the different aspects on WA so please take it as praise if I do a cheeky nab of your layout!

Latha math leat! Sending praise from the Hebrides! Check my Summer Camp ramblings out here
13 Dec, 2020 17:28

Hahaha ofc, I'm glad my layout helps inspire others! Figuring out article layouts is a pain so feel free to have at it :). Thank you for the follow <33!!!

Author of Interarcanum.