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Miner's Curse

Crystaline Corruption

Want to know how I lost my arm huh? Why my skin looks like stone? Well ya better stop looking or I'll make you find out, the un-fun way.
— Tired miner in a bar

Crystaline Corruption is a strange and misunderstood disease, in which the body parts of those who come into prolonged contact with Sabaarian crystals see their skin tissue slowly change into crystal-like material.


The first case of Crystaline Corruption was reported in 298 I.A, about five years after the town of Sabaar started to exploit the nearbye mines for Sabaarian crystals. A group of miners started to work in a particularly deep tunnel of the Scar and found themselves in contact with a deep purple, almost glowing crystal.

A few days later, the head of the mission noticed the skin around their eyes had grown rough, and on the following day their eyes had been completely overtaken by the growth.

I expected the worst. His screams could be heard from outside his house, the walls shaking in fear. But nothing could have prepared me to the terrible, horrifying beauty of the two blood red crystal eyes.
— A doctor's notes

The miner died two days later, as the corruption slowly descended from his head to overtake the rest of his body. This first case was followed by many more in the following weeks, and caused a complete shutdown of the mines as doctors and merchants alike desperatly attempted to figure out what was at the root of this horrible illness.

Nasty Crystal

The particular type of crystal at the source of the miner's curse has taken on the name of "nasty crystals" amongst miners, and the name soon caught on with the rest of the population of Sabaar. Lack of understanding on the nature of this crystal has kept scientists from giving it a proper name, and they too have simply decided to accept this comical moniquer.

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Contraction and Treatment

Crystalised Arm by David Kegg
Crystaline Corruption, while rare, is an incredibly deadly disease. Once the first symptoms appear, hosts have a mere week to live- if they are lucky. Most people who contract Crystaline Corruption tend to have it appear on their hands, as the tip of their fingers harden to stone. From there, the corruption travels all the way up the arms and to the torso, where eventually it will reach the lungs and heart.

While most people die before they are fully crystalised, some unfortunate souls survived in agony for days as their body slowly turned to shining, polished crystal. At the source of this terrible disease is a rare kind of Sabaarian Crystal, refered to by miners as Muftaris.

The disease is usually contracted by miners who are too closely exposed to the particular strain of rock. The corruption always passes through a physical vector- either through direct skin to crystal contact, or through an accidental inhalation of crystal dust. The first to be afflicted by the miner's curse had seemingly come into contact with some dust that then gathered around his eyes.

The only way of surviving a corruption is by amputating whatever body part has been overtaken, if possible. Since the discovery of this sickness, most mining companies have taken to furnishing their crews with secure equipment, though the threat of a Crystaline Corruption hangs above their heads, hidden deep in the mines of Sabaar.

Even after amputation, crystalised body parts remain contagious. They must be handled with utmost care, as any skin to crystal contact is sure to result in a new infection. As of now, the Sabaarian authorities have resolved themselves to burry the body parts in a secret location, until they can find a better solution to solve this problem. Teams of wizards and doctors struggle to find a cure, and even the divine magic of the gods has trouble fighting back the corruption.

unformatted facts about this condition i will have to properly write after

  • miner's curse is contracted through contact with the Nasty Crystals, be it dust or the actual crystal
  • miners have taken to wearing heavy, bio-hazard like suits to stay protected while working in areas with Nasty Crsytal in them
  • while miner's curse can still be caught through exposure with a crystalised individual, it isnt as potent (nobody knows why)

Cover image: by CHUTTERSNAP


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15 Jul, 2021 17:45

This would be the most haunting, painful, yet beautiful way to die. Becoming crystal. Dang ok. Great article :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
16 Jul, 2021 10:25

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad the pain and beauty both came across :D

Author of Interarcanum.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
15 Jul, 2021 19:39

Oooof not a fun way to go... you got a really cool condition here. Its described beautifully. I couldnt imagine having to deal with this.

16 Jul, 2021 10:26

I can confirm it is indeed not a very fun way to go ^^ and I have so many ideas on how to expand on this specific condition, I'm hoping I'll have a chance to talk about them during summer camp! Thank you for the kind words <3

Author of Interarcanum.
17 Jul, 2021 07:39

So... buried infectious body parts. You know what's next, right? Infected crystalized hogs, badgers, and moles XP

17 Jul, 2021 08:04

xD poor lil animals haha :’) i actually have ideas of using these as bio weapons of some kind, could be interesting

Author of Interarcanum.
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
17 Jul, 2021 09:38

This is so cool and horrifying! So they need physical contact to become contaminated with the body parts, but merely looking at the initial crystal also work, right?   What's the difference between the crystal used to enhance magic (as you say in that crystal article) and the one found in the mine? Is it just that they are more potent? Could people use the contaminated people as magic enhancing crystal? That sound like a great and "effortless" way to get more crystals... I'm sure if it's really the way that works someone will have a bright idea soon...

17 Jul, 2021 10:43

Some good questions! I should probably add a little section in Sabaarian Crytsals to explain how these work (basically they are Sabaarian Crytsals that are almost « alive », kind of like a virus- but they have the same effects as regular non parasitic Sabaarian crystals), and also probably make it a bit more clear that the dude probably got some dust in his eyes :’)   Thank you for the comment and questions <3 !

Author of Interarcanum.
17 Jul, 2021 23:49

Very nice article TC! Once again easy to read layout with great use of images. That must be quite a painful way to go although beautiful to a degree :p Have there been big outbreaks of this given that contact with an infected person can cause new infections? Can people be infected before symptoms appear?

Feel free to check out summer camp overviewif you want to see what I am up to!
18 Jul, 2021 10:10

Good question actually- I want to say for the time being, no? But who knows in the future! And usually people are infected a day tops before the first symptoms appear, though a dormant variant might be a fun way to destroy my world or smth :)

Author of Interarcanum.
23 Jul, 2021 14:23

What a terribly great disease. I like how even the amputated parts are contagious.

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