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Massacre of Fleury

Attack of the Undead Hoards

"Kayan, take the students and go hide in the basement. I'll send for you when its safe out there. I love you... may we see each other again, in this life or the next."
— Abelard Sattar to his wife, as the invasion starts.


No one saw the attack coming. It had only been 16 years since the appearance of magic, and while people slowly started to wrap their minds around it, its true potential and destructive power still remained relatively unknown. The Massacre of Fleury changed all of that.

Lead by a mysterious and cruel man, the Black Skull, a hoard of undead rose from the ground to attack the town. The raid was of unheard violence. The dead clawed their way up the ramparts, their hungry hands and soulless bodies taking the town like an unstoppable wave. All who fell on their path perished, swallowed by the unstopping and growing mass of decaying bodies.


For a while, all seemed desperate. The City Guards seemed unable to stop the tides of undead, and citizens with expertise in arms united to help defend their home and families. Some magic casters united, and managed to protect some parts of the city, but slowly their numbers dwindled, and each fallen friend would rise once more as a foe.


Abelard Sattar, founder of the Abelard School of Eloquence and Magic, devised a plan with a few of his strongest students to put an end to the attack. He was amongst the most familiar with magic in the whole town, and new that such an army had to have a leader. So, he and his students made their way past the enemy lines to slay the serpent's head, once and for all.

Abelard eventually succeeded, at the end of a duel that seem to last for hours. He had suffered many wounds, and would eventually succumb from them. But as his last spell slew the Black Skull, his army fell to the floor, and what was left of the city was saved.
Start Date
16 I.A
Ending Date
16 I.A


Army of the Black Skull
City Guards of Fleury


Ever growing hoard of Undeads, one necromancer
5'000 soldiers and 500 volunteers


All undeads, the Black Skull
Almost half the town population perished in the attack.


Murder everyone in the town to create an army.

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The city of Fleury suffered terrible losses during the massacre. Most, if not all lost family and friends during the tragedy, and were scared for life by the events that happened. The town had to be rebuilt almost entirely, and the dead were burned regardless of who they were. Older citizens of Fleury might still remember these tragic events, having lived through them as children, and this has left a bitter hatred of necromancers and a deep mistrust of powerful magic users amongst the population.

Cover image: by Mohammad Ali Berenji


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Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
24 Dec, 2020 20:53

What a shocking act of violence; definitely something out of a nightmare. This article is so well written. The opening quote made me so emotional and really set the tone.

Cait x
25 Dec, 2020 08:37

Thank you!! I'm really glad to hear you liked it, I was very unsure about this one because conflicts are so out of my comfort zone :')

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
24 Dec, 2020 23:17

I'm not surprised there's a bit of a fear and hatred of necromancers after t his. What an awful thing. I'm really curious about this Black Skull.   The opening quote... ;_;

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
25 Dec, 2020 08:39

I've actually given very little thought to who the Black Skull, something to write about in the future! Glad that opening quote seems to be doing its work well, and thank you for the comment Emy <3

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
25 Dec, 2020 00:38

"Abelard School of Eloquence and Magic" I hope his flair for the dramatic lives on in his school, because that level of swag is the stuff of legend!

25 Dec, 2020 08:39

It does! He's still one of the most fondly remembered adventurers out there, and bards from this school are among the most reputed!

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
25 Dec, 2020 03:45

What a sad event. Nice writing, though! You followed the prompt very well. It is clear that the tragedy is particularly significant in your world, especially as magic was seen as relatively new. What's the deal with this Black Skull???

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
25 Dec, 2020 08:40

Thank you for the kind words!! I'm not quite sure what the deal with him is yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something interesting. Something to look forward to I hope :D

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
26 Dec, 2020 23:06

Oh gosh, no wonder they hate necromancers. I love the writing, love the story, feel for the people.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
27 Dec, 2020 11:00

Thank you so much for you kind words <3 !

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
27 Dec, 2020 00:31

Oh oh oh that starting quote... just flawlessly sets the tone! A masterwork!

— The wolf of Tales of Justice, Creator of Legends of Elohey, Star Wars: Shards, Fiven Chronicles and more!
27 Dec, 2020 11:01

Thank you!! I'm so glad to see so many people like that starting quote :)

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse