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Lounge of Laebh

Bajou's Most Popular House of Games

"Hey, kiddo, wait up! Its your first time visiting Our-Fair-Lady huh? I better show you the best place to relax at after a long day of hard work."
— A Danatelian sailor

House of Games

In the port of Bonne Espérance, captial city of the Principality of Bajou, one can find an establishment like not others, the Lounge of Laebh. Money, wine and games flow like rivers into the sea, meals are served and music plays loudly amidst the general chaos that fills the rooms.

Hounds and Jackals by The Met
What distinguishes the Lounge of Laebh from mere bars and taverns, is that is provides its customers with a wide array of games: chess board, backgammon, cards of all sorts and horizons are all freely available to whomever buys a drink at the Lounge.

Players of all levels gather for games, tournaments are held, people of all social statures find themselves in the same, sweaty room to play together.

There are a wide variety of games available, from strategical board games to faster paced dexterity games such as Hounds and Jackals. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to their liking, and have the time of their lives.

Gambling and Illicit Affairs

While the Lounge officially makes gambling illegal, it is because the Principality of Bajour forbids it. The truth is, gambling and betting are illegal only as long as one does not get caught, and it is not uncommon for the staff to turn a blind eye to such practices within the establishment. Through bribes and other means, the Lounge is always aware of "surprise" inspections by city officials, allowing them to make sure no illegal behaviour can be spotted in the establishment when they come to visit the building.

The Lounge also serves as a backdrop for many illicit operations, which take place in some of the secret rooms hidden amidst the chaos of games and drunken patrons. There, black market goods are bought and exchanged, information is traded, and wrongs are righted.

Rules of the Lounge

1 - To play in the lounge, one must first purchase a drink.

2 - Under no circumstances will there be any gambling, betting or whatsoever on games within the lounge.

3 - All grievances must be left outside of the building.

4 - No sore losers.

Breaking any of the rules is punished by banishment of the establishment.

Laebh Gasmir

The establishment belongs to Laebh Gasmir, a wealthy and mysterious man. He is rarely ever, if at all spotted within the establishment. Instead, he prefers to delegate the handling of his affair to his close associate, a minotaur called Raleb.

Backgammon Board by The Met

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The Lounge

Located in one of the busiest streets of the town, the white building stands at about three stories tall. Each floor has its own bar and kitchen, with its own staff and organisations, its own decoration and feel, giving the impression there are three distinct places within the lounge itself.

The Art Room

The first floor is where one probably the rowdiest of the three. Food and drinks abound while almost every inch of the floor is covered in people sitting and playing games of all kinds, sat on comfortable pillows and carpets around elegant tables. The walls are covered with various paintings and portraits, while statues of all kinda decorate every empty space of the room.

The Jade Room

One floor above is the Jade Room, with green tapestries and plants filling every corner of the space. Banquet tables made of dark wood are set throughout the room, allowing players to easily sit down in front of their opponents and switch places after a game is done. There are also a few wide round tables, better suited for larger games.

The Heavens Room

Finally, the Heaven Room can be found at the top of the building. It is smaller than the others, but has access to a comfortable terrace with various hookahs set up for patrons. It is also the most luxurious room of all three, with the highest quality food and drinks. Nobles and wealthy merchants often come here to discuss of business while playing a friendly game of cards.
Chess Board by The Met

Cover image: by Mohammad Ali Berenji


Author's Notes

My inspiration has been dwindling a little, so I decided to try my hand at the advent calendar prompts instead. This probably won't be my best work, but I hope you enjoy it still!

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24 Dec, 2020 11:55

No gambling? What kind of establishment are you running here?! In all seriousness, a gaming parlor broken into three floors, each with unique aesthetic and games? Sounds like the perfect place for shady business to happen.


"I am become destroyer creator of worlds!"
24 Dec, 2020 11:58

To be fair, that is a good point. I'll add a quick note about that ^^, thank you for the comment!

Author of Interarcanum and the Shakiraverse
24 Dec, 2020 13:54

*tucks cards into sleeve along with all the money I won* nope, no gambling happening here. At all. Ever. Really though, i love this place, the descriptions, the rules, and the music just adds to the atmosphere.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
24 Dec, 2020 14:20

Hmm, well nothing illegal seems to be going on here, have a pleasant evening!   I'm glad you like the place :D, and I'm glad the music adds to the atmosphere! I've been really enjoying adding some "soundtracks" to some of the articles I write, its a lot of fun :)

Author of Interarcanum and the Shakiraverse
24 Dec, 2020 22:04

Quick typo - 'loosers' should be 'losers' in the rules on the sidebar.   I really like the fact that, although the official stance is 'no gambling', most often a blind eye is turned to it. Definitely sounds like all sorts of things could go on during a night at this establishment. :D

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
25 Dec, 2020 08:42

Thank you for the typo catch! I have so many ideas for things that might happen if my players ever get around to exploring this place, its quite exciting. Thank you for the comment <3 :)

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