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New Brookings

Main story location


Has one of the highest populations of mutants and inhumans, with "regulars" taking up a mere 40% of the population


Acts as the coastal capital of the West Coast Barrier (encompasses the entirety of California, Oregon, and Washington). Democratic system


The WCB has an enormous artificial reef around the perimeter of its underwater settlements, which is built on the canal locks used to let ships into the mainland (water level outside the perimeter is higher than inside). Limited access in and out of the ocean perimeter limit attack and mobility from opposing forces, though the WCB's navy is the best in the world anyways, so attack from the ocean is impossible. There are several natural walls around its inland perimeter, including old eco-friendly walls, enormous redwood barriers, and more, which make it so difficult to enter normally that most in-and-out traffic is through the air


Most of New Brooking's occupations are related to either the sea, technology, or the arts. The restaurant businesses are also very well off in the city, and its main exports are things such as fish, artworks and writings, and tech (mostly space exploration, selling military tech to other areas is illegal), and its main imports tend to be art materials and living commodities


Power comes mostly from nuclear energy and houses two of the largest nuclear energy facilities in north America. Most infrastructure near the Black Forest is nature-integrated, but the majority of infrastructure is of advanced, futuristic city/skyscraper fashion. New Brookings in particular is rather "neon future," with most buildings brick-and-mortar exteriors and renovated old ships


Provies coastal military assets, and is well guarded from inland threats by the rest of the US around it. The North Pacific Ocean guards it from the sea, which is heavily guarded by the WCB's unrivaled navy, and its passive nature keeps it from being assaulted

Guilds and Factions

The Kaiser Foundation-Runs the nuclear power plants and all major space/genetic tech development, The Montoya Family-Crime family, The Black Hand-Group of protesting regulars (believe humanity's evolution is evil)


Formerly Brookings, Oregon, when the Reformation happened they advocated the hardest for the west coast's reform. After WW3 they became the coastal capital of the WCB, the strong in-US alliance on the west coast


Most buildings are reinforced brick and concrete, with the inland buildings reinforced for hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Most buildings are older brick-and-mortar, with only some newer buildings in the more heavily populated areas having newer structures made of things such as titanium/steel/etc alloy. Many art buildings are glass and frame, though there are less of those


Flat, short cliffs at the coast. Cold beach and cold waters, with the city blending into the Pacific Sublevels

Natural Resources

Natural minerals, ocean resources, forest resources

Large city
616, 972
Inhabitant Demonym
Alexx Mandrake
Characters in Location

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