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Kaz Weathers


Kaz Haakon Kaiser-Engel/Vremenu (a.k.a. Voltage)

At least I'm trying.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit but no longer properly muscular from lack of activity, missing his left leg from a bit above the knee down, thinner frame but has enough musculature to keep him from being scrawny

Body Features

Thinner, streamlined build, though he was formerly rather fit and muscled. Lots of freckles and tattoos, and covered in scars (most hidden by his tattoos), often has split knuckles and short nails

Facial Features

Rounder facial features with enough angle to still look masculine. Slightly droopy, tired eyes, with dark circles often beneath them. Small scar through his left eyebrow, and two piercings in his earlobes and two in his upper right ear. Noticeable freckles, and a small indent where there used to be a piercing in the righthand side of his bottom lip.

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoos on his body, including a small knife dripping space on his left ankle, a large cherry blossom tattoo covering his right hip and stretching just a little up his waist and down to the lower half of his thigh, intercrossed diamonds with a goat's eye in the center on his left forearm, a tree with powerlines on the back of his right shoulder, and several lines on his inner wrists that look like notebook paper and when put together look like "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?" Piercings, and scars, and a small rectangular birthmark on the back of his neck

Physical quirks

Just about always moving (most commonly knee bouncing or finger tapping), scratches idly at the back of his neck or uninked skin occasionally (he used to do it a lot more but the tattoos help to keep him from ruining his skin since he cares about them so much)

Special abilities

Produces violet bursts of electricity (though this can make it easy for Kaon to take control of his body), enhanced speed and strength but average human healing, ability to see soul frequencies in the form of electrical fields, can trace electrical fields (his eyesight is bad so he usually relies on this along with glasses to see, and he views them as fluctuations of violet lines that trace a person or object and grow whiter/brighter the stronger it is and darker/more faded the weaker it is, and certain frequencies can mean different things).

Apparel & Accessories

Usually aims for a "tired but fashionable" look (mostly including clothing reminiscent of casual army wear or NASA print, and will insist on being comfortable all the time), always has at least his upper ear piercing in (generally all his piercings are simple black studs/hoops), constantly wears too many bracelets, wears copper-colored and more rectangular wire frame glasses, and always has his dog tags on. Most commonly found wearing a faded leather jacket and/or a faded red NASA hoodie along with grey cargo pants and black combat boots, casually prefers tank tops/hoodies with no shirt underneath/sweatpants/cargo pants/etc.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized prosthetic leg (modified to resonate with his soul frequency so he can move it instead of having to have implants that connect it to his nerves)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Germany to witch mother Nadine Kaiser-Engel, who argued with his demon king father Vos Vremenu before Nadine was allowed to keep him for 12 years before he moved in with his father, who had originally intended for him to be a warmongering prince under him. Kaz found himself hating his father after he came home to Nadine arguing with him and managing to win a few more years. However, Vos planted a "secondary personality" named Kaon in him with the hopes of it taking over Kaz's mind, but they ended up becoming separate entities in Kaz's body. Nadine was also diagnosed with cancer shortly after Vos left, and when she died he hid out in his house before being forced to move in with his aunt and uncle and cousin Michael Gray. He fought constantly with them, with Michael being one of his few friends, and after he turned 19 he left to join the Navy as a ship mechanic. He worked there for a few years, where he met his ex-boyfriend Finley Vasiliev, and at the age of 22 resigned with Finn when their ship was plagued by a phantom jade infection and destroyed. Kaz, having a high immunity, was unphased, but Finn's infection became apparent soon after they returned home. When Kaz came home to their shared apartment to find Finn cheating on him with his friend from highschool Alex, he broke up with Finn and moved into his own apartment and began work as a superhero. He had one fight--taking on the demon king Charlemagne and losing his left leg in the process. He then retired, working as a tattoo artist from 23 up until the story begins.


Highschool, college (for ship mechanics), basic training for tattooing


Vehicle repair shop (highschool), navy mechanic, tattoo artist

Accomplishments & Achievements

Taking on one of the most powerful demon kings and winning, becoming one of New Brookings' most accomplished tattoo artist

Failures & Embarrassments

He views most of his life as having them, but he considers his boyfriend cheating on him and living with his aunt and uncle is lowest points

Mental Trauma

PTSD, alcoholism, severe GAD, depression, self-neglect tenancies

Intellectual Characteristics

Cynical, smart-alecky, morally philosophical (in the sense that he overthinks the meaning of things often)

Morality & Philosophy

Believes that morality and philosophy are incredibly gray, with right and wrong being subjective. He really only wants to help people keep from getting hurt, and otherwise is rather apathetic after his many traumatic experiences. He considers the older generations as "remnants of a useless world" and really only has faith in Gen Xero.


Absolutely refuses to do hero work (for the first good portion of the story), doesn't start or pick fights anymore but he will end them, doesn't tolerate racism/speciesism, will stick up for anyone being unfairly treated, doesn't tolerate older people picking on younger people

Personality Characteristics


Wants to help protect people, wants to find a purpose for himself again

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very good with ship mechanics and vehicles, can barely cook because he burns everything, incredible artist, can be a little clumsy, incredibly good at the guitar and can play the cello (though he's easily embarrassed when asked to play)

Likes & Dislikes

Likes the color red, likes space, hates the color yellow, absolutely loves animals, can't stand bugs, enjoys coffee and alcohol, dislikes mornings, enjoys music, loves bacon

Virtues & Personality perks

Relatively patient, good with kids, tries his best to be kind, good to confide in

Vices & Personality flaws

Has a bit of an alcohol problem, smokes probably too much, has anger issues he tries his best to keep down, can be forgetful, made anxious very easily, has a slight bit of paranoia, terrified of recovering from his experiences, very lazy, often has body issues

Personality Quirks

Has a strangely adorable and loud laugh, likes to sing and dance while waiting for things like food in the microwave or cooking, tends to nibble on his lower lip or play with his bracelets or piercings idly


Keeps himself very clean (something mostly driven by his want to take care of his tattoos), but often barely ever cleans his apartment, and if he has to clean he either throws everything out or pretends he lost his prosthetic so he can get one of his neighbors to help him clean


Contacts & Relations

Usually works as an informant for cases, as he gives tips to the police and to those who track dangerous supernatural creatures. Has several contacts, and can usually get any one he needs through a little bit of impersonation and false affiliations

Family Ties

His father, Vos, is still alive, though he isn't aware of it since he thought he killed him with a cursed dagger. His mother passed away, and his "uncle" Cassiel works as a bartender on the bottom floor of his apartment complex. His cousin, Michael, lives with his roommate Erik closer to the cliffs of New Brookings, and his aunt and uncle still run Grey Enterprises in the central part of town

Religious Views

Atheist, as he believes that all the bad things in the world wouldn't happen if there was some "higher power." He becomes aware of the existence of the gods and such later on, but still doesn't think anyone should be worshipping them and doesn't consider them "real" gods

Social Aptitude

Usually good at charming his way through small groups and individuals, but starts panicking when he has to talk to large groups. Can be flirty if he wants, and often is when drunk. He can be a bit awkward when flustered, especially if he's talking to someone he finds attractive


Often talks like he hasn't slept in years, and generally has a sarcastic drawl. When flirting he can lay it on a little too heavy with lowering his voice and such

Hobbies & Pets

Likes to draw tattoos in his free time, as well as watch TV. He also likes to go out and get drinks and hit on people, though it's not often he brings someone home. He doesn't have any pets himself, though he does want one, and often babysits various tenants' pets when they need someone to watch their animals. He also likes to take walks, namely in parks and such


Swears often and borderline excessively, tends to repeat himself and stammer when anxious

Wealth & Financial state

Not the most wealthy person in the world. He generally sets different amounts for himself to spend each month, with a certain amount of his pay going to rent and taxes, another for equipment for his tattoo parlor, and some for personal things
Neutral good
Current Location
Year of Birth
2559 AD -305 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Created by father via mother so father could have an heir
Circumstances of Death
Gablenz, Saxony (Germany)
Current Residence
New Brookings
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Views himself as masculine, but cares so little about "gender roles" that he just does what he wants
Grey with violet flecks
Faded red, super curly, neck-length undercut (right side hair, left side shaved)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white with an abundance of freckles
About 170 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Do I look like I care to you?"
Known Languages
English, German, Daemonic
Character Prototype
Similar to Dean and Bobby from Supernatural

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