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Oracle Cyber Technologies

Have you been the victim of an unfortunate dismemberment? Are you tired of living a mundane life, more difficult than it should be? Are you seeking an increase in your body's performance? We welcome you with open arms at Oracle Cyber Technologies. The Oracle himself will select the ideal cyber-enhancement for you!


The Oracle is a shadowy figurehead, never dealing directly with consumers or the media. He leads from behind a mask of empty promises and veiled threats among his constituents. Money is power in the industry, and the only way to move up in Oracle Tech is bribery and boot-licking.

Public Agenda

Oracle tech claims to custom fit every prosthetic not only to it's user's body, but to their specific wants and needs, all while pushing cyber prosthesis and enhancements on the masses, marketing an affordable and rapid process. The reality of what the company provides is much less than promised.


Formed after the foundation of the Cyber Inquisition, Oracle technologies seeks to bring cyber-tech to the masses, seeming to force it upon them as some miracle cure-all. Mr Oracle himself has been at the head of the Incorporation since its founding, leading the company for over 200 ATU.

The Oracle foresees a better future for all.

Corporation, Pharmaceutical

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