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General of The Mind Nyx

Nyx is a Prismaton general from the era of the Great War. She is powerful and serene, in full control in every situation. She has taken to Guh-Guh-Puh and granted him some of the powers of the Prismatons. Arriving at the scene of her death, Guh saved her from annihilation, and took her to join the gang at The Church.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

On her Pilgrimage into the Isolation, Nyx found herself kidnapped by aliens. She proved then that she would be a capable fighter and survivor, when she made her way out and back home to the Hive unscathed. Back in the Hive she was given the lead of a ship and made captain. Over time, her military accomplishments led her to the rank of General.   While on shore leave during her station as Captain of the Nyx, she met Guh, where they fell infatuated with one-another. When they next met, she was General, and destined to die in a horrific battle. Guh saved her from that fate, and the rest of her history is yet to be made.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, Empathetic, Calm, Rational

Honorary & Occupational Titles
General of the Mind, Commander and identity of The Nyx.
Circumstances of Death
Died originally in her ship's explosion during the Battle for the Crystals. After being saved by Guh, she may live on into Last Mars.
Current Residence
The Church

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