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Master Schtornz

Master Unknown Schtornz

Schtornz is a mysterious man, found with his hands in events all over the timeline. He is hard to pin down, because in some moments he seems to be furthering good, and other times is working only for himself, or spreading the power of tyranny and chaos. In what most would call a tragic event, Schtornz was taken beyond time and space, and temporally torn in half, creating two distinct versions of the man. One would participate in the bombing of the Time institute, lead wars and tyrannical regimes; The other helped the Prismatons ascend in their form and capability, and helping the Dinos develop their magical technologies.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on Earth during the Conquest, he rose at a young age through the ranks of the UEMF (United Earth Military Federation). He became a powerful warlord, and was granted a jurisdiction of his own on Mars. Through the next decades, He found himself influential enough to be of interest to the Time Council, and they deigned him worthy of a trip to the new colony they were planning: Last Mars. At the time, the project was incomplete, as the Time Council still lacked a bit of missing tech required to remove oneself from time and space as we know it. During the expedition, a horrific temporal anomaly disrupted the return trip. This tore Schtornz into the split version of himself. Certainly, Schtorz got to see Last Mars, but the Dark half may have only been turned dark by the reality of the Last Mars he saw; with an unmerciful Hivemind ruling with destruction and death from beyond.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Master, a title granted him by reaching the highest rank of the earth military. He carried this title beyond that honorific, and created new meaning for it with his accomplishments and mastery over the timeline.
Current Residence
Other Affiliations

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