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Marti (Martian Yeti)

The Yetis of Mars were destroyed by an invading force of Mars Humans, sometime before the Fracture. One of them survives, and is waiting for his time to exact revenge.

Basic Information


Characteristic features (except the bright fur coloration) of the typical Yeti of lore gave the Marti its name and classification when they were encountered on Mars. In appearance, they are large, brightly colored, bipedal ape-creatures.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Excellent at reading body language, subtle gestures, and unspoken signals, the Marti makes an exceptional caregiver, or diplomat. This extra-sensory perception of body language and so on, can make them somewhat difficult to communicate with, since they speak in single, short words and phrases, usually in metaphor. Their true meaning can be understood by anyone able to read the accompanying signals and expressions.

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