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Indralis is a world unlike many others.   Many worlds are forged by Gods - landscapes molded carefully, species carefully constructed, and loyalties decided from birth. Many Gods have a direct impact on the lands they created or conquered, and used the population to further expand their reach. Other Gods ruled at an arms length, giving adherents some semblance of free will and only acting through proxies.   However, Indralis has seemingly always been a godless place. The most ancient creatures of the land do not remember their creators, and there has been no provable direct or indirect intervention by any godlike entity. Creatures were made and spread throughout the 5 continents, all left to their own devices.   As the world built itself up and civilizations formed throughout all 5 continents, the worlds inhabitants created their own Gods. The mortals that helped create their respective nations were not thought of as great men and women - but people chosen by Fate, by Divine Will. The Desert Realm reveres their Rainmaker, and the Human kingdoms praise their common ancestor Korsch.   As the world continues to grow, the brave and bold of the world will explore the vast world and learn the even greater secret that the world holds. The world is in control of mortals, and Gods have no sway here.   For now.

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