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World Ember 2022

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Dark Lord Seduction Plan


Divine Tyranny


Victorian Evil Scientists



  This year I'm aiming for a low stress World Ember, so I'm only setting a 10k words goal and a loose article goal with only a few that I really want to write and a list of prompts to use as inspiration if I have the time and energy to do more.   Last WE, I managed to have arts for all articles, a lot of it done myself or modify from stock images. I love the results, but I don't think I want to spend that amount of energy into it this year. On the other end, doing art is a great way to spend time with family when I can't be alone to write, so I'll see.  

World 1

Divine Tyranny
Tagline: all-powerful gods living among mortals and messing up their lives, secondary world, MC is an archivist advising people on how to deal with the gods.
Summary: The gods play with mortals' life for their own entertainment, and even mortals like Master Archivist Cécile who do not wish to play are forced to suffer the consequences and hope they never catch a god's attention. Unfortunately, a new royal heir selection is coming, and the quarrelling water and forging gods are going to use it as a proxy to settle their conflict. And this time, they are interested in the archives...
  • I wrote a lot in this world during Summer Camp, and I have almost all of my important worldbuilding concepts done as well as several important plot ideas. Now I'm going to complete that so that I can finish plotting the novel.
  • I'll focus on characters: 1) a few fun background gods inspired from volunteers from the WA community (maybe write again some of the articles as recruitment propaganda if I have the energy), 2) some more serious characters.
  • For additional articles, I'll use prompts to try to get more plot ideas and write the corresponding articles.
  •   Planned articles:
  • Important concept: mortals' magic system.
  • Background god characters: gods of pestilence, shadow, hunt, food, trade, healing, art, and plants.
  • Minor god characters: god of architecture, god of war, an Eldritch Horror.
  • Other characters: chief priests of the water and forging gods, current king, king candidates, a god's favourite, an ex-possessed person.
  • Potential other articles from prompts: naming tradition, gods influencing language, materials used in magic, famous novel, newspaper, location where Eldritch Horror are fed, plague of insects.
  • World 2

    Dark Lord Seduction Plan

    In a world torn by a war between the Light and Dark factions, Alina is a Dark mage with a plan: if she's going to be forced to marry, she will only accept the best parti in all of the country: the Dark Lord himself. All that remains is to convince him...

    Tagline: 19th century-like world, Light vs Dark political conflicts, MC is a researcher on the Dark side.
    Summary: Alina is disgusted at the idea of marrying the fiancé arranged by her family. If she is going to marry at all, it will only be with the most eligible man of the country! And who is more eligible than the Dark Lord himself? Her fiancé discreetly pushed out of the way, Alina now only needs to make the Dark Lord notice just how amazing she is...
  • I have already written the plot for this novel, but for the worldbuilding I only have the intro and one article. For WE I'm going to develop that.
  • I'll focus on important cultural concepts to set up the basis for the world.
  •   Planned articles:
  • Noble house system
  • Education system
  • Courting traditions
  • Research culture and sciences

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    Nov 17, 2022 21:15 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    Good luck with World Ember! I'm looking forward to seeing what you write. I like the concept of Dark Lord Seduction Plan XD

    Nov 17, 2022 21:20

    Good luck and world-ember hyyyyype! :D

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    Nov 18, 2022 11:13 by Annie Stein

    Good luck this worldember! A low stress worldember sounds like a good plan. The dark lord seduction plan seems fun, especially with the cultural focus!

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