Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge

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Beyond highlighting my favourites articles from all of those I read during July and August, I also wanted to try to give a short presentation of the worlds that I know well and why I like them. Since this article is slightly long, have a look at the table of content on the left to see if you find a prompt or world theme that you like :D   Special thanks to Qurilion for recommending to me lots of those articles :D   Articles I like are mostly science fantasy, medicine stuff, Eldritch Horrors, and terrible political scheming. For Summer Camp, I've been writing Divine Tyranny, a world focusing on gods and their interferences with mortals (here is my list of SC articles), and so I was also interested in seeing how other people are treating this subject.  

Material prompt

  Material articles often end up being my favourites. I'm mostly looking for articles that use science in a clever way to make their material/technology seems perfectly logical in universe.  

DaniAdventures - sexy sci-fi "Luridity"

Dani's Lurdity world is a sci-fi exploring different planets under the actually benevolent control of divine entities. A lot of the articles also explore sexy themes that serves as a basis for her stories. My favourite this month is her aphrodisiac material, as I really love how she has explored how to make use of it in a practical and ethical way. These are preoccupations that I always find in her articles and that offer a different and interesting perspective. A similar article is her BDSM club Hard knot.  

Frogdrake - Homebrew DnD "Spirit of the age"

Frogdrake world is a Homebrew DnD that I'm not yet too familiar with. Here I'm choosing to highlight their salt article. I'm just coming back from holidays in Brittany's salt marshes, so I was happy to see an article about the importance of salt! It's something easy to forget now that we have refrigeration, but food preservation is an important topic and I like to see it approached with more than a quick magical spell. It's something that I don't always think to talk about in my world, but now that I have a whole history book on salt, I need to remember to have fun with it.

Kitopoy - science/post-apocalyptical fantasy "World of Wizard's Peak"

Kitopoy's world is a mix between science fantasy and post-apocalyptical fantasy. It's set in a world where a hole in reality has opened and links to a different world every day, bringing new technologies, trade, and threats. I love the science fantasy aspect of this world and the way Kit presents their articles starting with two quotes, one from an army instructor and one from a sergeant, thus showing the "acceptable" opinion on any topic and what people actually think about it. Kit and I started doing "sergeant quotes" at around the same time last year I think (or at least I saw them at that time XD) and it was fun to see us do something similar. I took inspiration from them for adding a small portrait of the character at the side of my quotes.   Here, I chose to highlight an article about something that seems mundane, eggs! I like that the fact that, because a lot of new species constantly appear in that world, people have been forced to make rules about what can and cannot be eaten. It's always interesting to see this kind of practical consequences. I also love the poor orcs being sad about not being able to eat everything they used to XD There is also a fun tradition going along with this article, mad god's gamble, where new military recruits have to eat a fertilized egg embryo, the more exotic - and disgusting - the creature the better!

Nnie and Skyrunner - space opera "Solaris"

Solaris is one of my favourite WA worlds :D It's an old-style space opera where all the planets of the solar system are inhabited by different sentient species, and the galaxy is full of Eldritch Horrors attempting to kill them.   Nnie's articles always have a combination of great concepts, great illustrations (made by her), great layout and css tricks, and of course great writing :D What I love about all of her SC articles - beyond the amazing ideas - is the way she chose to present them. She always has concise but impactful sections, and she uses the layout to highlight different elements (like short timelines or newspaper excerpts). It makes them easy and fun to read.   The first article I want to highlight is nnie's data crystal article. As a chemist, I've studied crystals and (attempted to) grow them in the lab. The information that she uses to build this technology hits the perfect balance for me of being grounded in science that I know and inventing something new, which makes it super fun to read. This is exactly the kind of technology/material that I love and want to read in stories and build myself.   The second and third articles I want to share are about technology/vehicles, written by nnie and her partner, Sky. Without having access to faster-than-light technology but to go beyond the limit of light speed, nnie has her people transfer their consciousness to robots that are located at the other end of the solar system. The consciousness travels only at light speed, but once they are there, the people can react instantly to what's going on, without the delays communication across the solar system would bring. I just love this idea a lot, as well as the way nnie presented the article as an information flyer explaining how this work and with a reassuring FAQ that would not look out of place in medical flyers XD   Meanwhile, Sky wrote about some of the actual spacecraft in the world of Solaris. What I love about this is that Sky focuses a lot on the uses and implications of those carrier vehicles for logistic and interplanetary trade, rather than just talk about the characteristics of the carriers themselves. Articles about things like vehicles can be tricky to do without making them boring to read, and I think the key is to not write them as a list of parameters but rather to do like Sky and choose one specific problematic or theme that you want to focus on in the article.   Then, I want to give special mention to a few more articles Oort Cloud and Scourge present some of the Eldritch Horror of the solar system, which are always a big love for me XD And the Oort Cloud even inspired me to use comets to trigger dangerous events in my SC articles too :D Then, the Dumplings in Space article is a really fun take of the cultural importance of the first meal in space (with lots of yummy illustrations). And finally, Operation War Dove is a great example of how to write and present a military conflict article and making it fun and not overwhelming with details. Nnie shows a clear and concise progress of the events, with little tidbits like the newspaper excerpt and character presentation to make the conflict personal.

Qurilion - underground fantasy "Araea"

Qurilion has a lot of worlds, and all of them are always a delight to read :D For SC, he chose to focus on Araea, a world where humanity lives underground in caverns filled with mushrooms, monsters, and scheming people. This month, Qurilion opened a new section of Araea: after recent landslides, new caverns have been uncovered, and everyone has rushed to explore them and take hold of the resources, not caring about the monsters lurking in the dark. Soon, ruins of an ancient civilisation are unearthed, then more and more hints appear about what killed it off.   What I particularly liked about this SC is the way Qurilion used his articles to build a story about this new area of Araea and slowly revealed the mystery of that ancient civilisation and what happened to it - and what is also likely to happen to humanity again. Qurilion also always manages to hit just the right notes for me, with classic monsters and Eldritch Horrors everywhere, mysterious and dangerous technologies, and the people in the midst of all that not able to prevent themselves from backstabbing each other rather than unite to face the threats.   Choosing a few articles to highlight is hard, when so many of them are amazing and I enjoyed a lot reading them all in order. My favourites are probably those hinting at what destroyed the ancient civilisation and the Eldritch Horrors lying in wait. It's also fun that Qurilion's geography/building articles are among my favourites when normally those are hard sell for me.   Among my favourite are the thought-metal article, a new intriguing material with strange properties found in this new zone of Araea. It's used as a status symbol, but it seems to be linked to the local Eldritch Horror, and as if it was not enough, to also call to some more mundane but still terrifying monsters. I love this material both for this link and for the original properties themselves.   Thought-metal can be used to make an absolutely fascinating technology: mesmerracks. Those are objects that influence people's mind to make them feel specific emotions. This article hit the perfect spot for technology for me by making it seems like a perfectly logical and realistic technology based on the properties of the material article. To make it even better, this is a perfect tool for manipulating people, and it gives a lot of dark hints about the old civilisation that made the mesmerracks and what could happen if their use spreads in modern-day Araea....   Then the monsters themselves, the Shrikes. I love that they are moth-like creature since I have created one of those myself and for some reason I find this shape terrifying XD The Shrikes are also creatures that lurk invisible in the mind of people and slowly - or quickly - makes them mad with nightmares, before bursting out of them without warning and attacking anyone nearby.   As a last article, I'm going to share one of those amazing geography article. The skein spiral gates are the master piece left behind by the ancient civilisation, and it ties together all the hints Qurilion left in the previous articles. Thought-metal lines the interior of a building to make people go through a strange spiritual experience for some unknown end. I just love how everything is tied together here, while leaving us seething to know the last big mystery of what is the point to it all and how this undoubtedly led to the death of the ancient civilisation. (I want that story now, Q! :p)


  Technology is always one of my favourite topic, although this SC I wasn't a big fan of the "lost" aspect of the prompt. If I make up something cool, I want to be able to use it!  

Catoblepon - post-apocalyptic fantasy "Iphars"

For SC, Cato focused on her world of Iphars, which is a post-apocalyptical fantasy where other planes have crashed into a fantasy world, and people are suddenly gifted with magic. In all of Cato's worlds, I really like what she does with species and conditions, however, this time my favourite article from hers was her technology. I love her ward/shield magic and how she made it work with a kind of clockwork/steampunk mechanism. I have a lot of warding magic in all of my work, and I tend to focus on maths and chalk design for those, but I never had the idea to make it more mechanical, and this would be super cool to explore more!   Among Cato's species articles from this year, it's her cute murder kitties that caught my eyes :D      

Kefkejaco - science fantasy "Niorath"

Kefkejaco's Niorath is a science fantasy world where classic fantasy species are struggling in a technological race and military wars. This is a theme that I always love. In Kef's world, I'm always particularly interested in getting information about the gods (or rather a species so technologically advanced they seem like gods and that the rest of the world worship). In his article about the ascension technology, Kef shows how people used to actually be able to become gods, before something happened and the gods had to move away to another planet. Seeing how people treat this idea is particularly interesting to me. As expected, the technology was not actually known to not-gods, or everyone powerful would have attempted to become gods.   The second article I want to share is Chaos vortex. Chaos magic is extremely dangerous in Niorath and can be likened to dangerous radiation that could destroy all life. This makes it particularly interested for me, and I like seeing how people inevitably attempt to manipulate it anyway XD Here, Kef introduces a species of sentient chaos vortices! This is very cool and intriguing, and I'm looking forwards to see more of them in the future.


See material section.  


  Condition is always a fun prompt for me since I work in biomedical research. My preference is often in the mechanism of diseases, but I'm not too difficult, especially if something horrible happens to people :p  

BCGR_Wurth - sci-fi "The Scealed Kingdoms"

BCGR's sealed kingdoms is a sci-fi world with which I'm not yet familiar. Their article I want to share concerns the risks and consequences of cryostat the procedure used to make people hibernate so that they can survive long space travel. I've studied hibernation a little bit in my work as a biomedical researcher, and I really love how this article make use of the real science, as well as its scientific tone. I also love how BCGR has made space travel so dangerous with everyone risking their life at every freeze! This really brings a lot of interesting challenges and consequences to space travel and colonisation.

Fireldakuraito - post-apocalyptic fantasy "Atocitera"

In Firel's Atocitera world, an apocalypse brought the arrival of a magic that contaminated the land and created monsters, forcing people to take refuge at the top of mountains. One consequence of this magic is solid poisoning, which is the accumulation of metals in people's body when they are exposed too long to magic currents. I love linking metals to magic and having people deal with the danger of metal poisoning as a consequence of using magic, and I'm delighted to see what others are doing with the concept.

Lyraine - homebrew DnD "Corive"

Lyraine's Corive world is an ex-homebrew DnD world that has moved in its own direction. I read her mage burnout article because I've also written about the long-term negative consequences of burnout/tiredness in mages before. It's something I'd like to see more rather than have mages being able to push past their limits with little consequences as soon as it's plot-convenient XD I like what Lyraine has done with the concept here, with people dying or losing their ability to use magic after one last spectacular feat.

MezzoPatricia - Homebrew DnD "OperaQuest"

I discovered MezzoPatricia during last World Ember when I loved their language of flowers article, so I hunted them down this month to see what they've been doing. Their world is a homebrew DnD, and I like the depth they had to their lore. The article that caught my attention this time is their changeling condition, which is the Fae not being able to have children and so kidnapping a human baby when they want one. This is a common myth, but I like the background Patricia added to it.

Shad0wPh0en1x - Homebrew DnD "Hesli"

Shadow's world is a homebrew DnD, and she specialises in giving a lot of depth and meaning to what appear at first glace as a traditional fantasy setting - her article on dwarven beard tradition from World Ember is a big favourite of mine. This time, I'm choosing to highlight her condition article which is a curse on elves that cut their lifespans by a few centuries. Shadow told me that she was running into problems with creating the history and timeline of her world because of the elves' normally long lifespan, and so she ruthlessly decided to curse them to get rid of the problem XD I found it very funny because I ran in a similar problem when I made powerful mages able to life for a few centuries.

Tradition - food

  With articles about food, I'm looking for something interesting about the tradition rather than too much details about something I cannot eat anyway :p  

Cow2face - historical fantasy "Mirateia"

Cow2face's world of Mirateia is a historical fantasy set in 1285. I want to share their Plain Dish article, which talks about the tradition around an absolutely awful dish the military eats before a battle. I love the history surrounding this and how everyone is now stuck with it because of a mix of tradition and superstition, since the dish has "allowed" them to win before and of course you could just stop eating that, but what if you lost? XD


See material section.  


See material section.  


See tradition honour section.    

SolarCat & Serukis - fantasy space opera "Vazdimet"

Vazdimet is one of my favourite worlds. It's a space opera where all the technology is powered by classic magic, including "wholesome necromancy" :p Solar is an engineer herself, and I love the way she has built and is writing about all of these technologies. Both Solar and Emy (Serukis) are great at writing characters and relationships, and Emy is also great at geography and fauna & flora (especially mushrooms XD)   I love Solar's article about what people have to do to join the Moderna, the mercenary group over which her novels centre. Since they have taken refuge on a sentient planet, recruits have to join with and be accepted by the planet itself as part of their initiation. This is a very cool idea with lots of interesting applications.   Unsurprisingly, Emy wrote about a mushroom XD This one is a salty one, as it flushes out on its cap the excess of salt present in the environment. I like this mechanism and the idea of a very salty mushroom, though that's probably not something I'd like to eat myself :p


See organisation leadership section.    

TJ - post-apocalyptic fantasy "Melior"

In TJ's Melior, magic was forcefully introduced to a fantasy world in an apocalyptical event, and they now have to rebuilt with it. TJ makes great illustrations and writing, and I like how he gives a lot of thoughts to practical and/or smaller aspects of worldbuilding and daily life in his world. This time, I'm sharing his breaking bread article. I love the originality of this tradition and the symbolism associated with it, with the sharing of bread being associated with the discussion and negotiation of polyamorous and open relationship, to symbolise everyone being equal and to give people something to do to put them more at ease.

Tradition - honour

  Traditions are often among my favourites prompts. I like when they describe something original and give us a glimpse of a very different society.  

Naelin - post-apocalyptic fantasy "Symbols of Power"

Naelin's Symbols of Power world is filled with different sentient species who have tense relationships with each other, especially after an apocalyptical event recently killed a lot of the higher class people. I love reading about these relationships and each species' culture, as well as seeing some unusual species among the lot.   In his Collaring article, Naelin presents an interesting tradition for establishing dom/sub relationships. I love the originality of giving a collar so much importance and centering different traditions around it.


See leadership organisation section    

Ononomad - divine fantasy "Shadowfire"

Ononomad's Shadowfire was one of my big discoveries of SC. I had read a few articles of theirs before, but it was seeing the God tethering ritual that really sparked my interest and made me read a lot more about the world. This is a world that has been broken by a godly fight, and now the planet is not turning anymore. On the light-exposed side, extremely powerful individuals have divine powers because they have harnessed the spirits of gods within themselves. They also gain energy from people praying to them, and they tell them its all in their good interests, as they are the only ones standing between them and the imprisoned vengeful old gods. The god tethering ritual article explains how this is all done, and this is a fascinating concept!   Among all the other articles that I've read in the world of Shadowfire, the other one that stood out to me the most was the Feast of Welding (food ritual prompt), which is the ritual the servants of those god-like people have to go through: they have to infect themselves with a parasitical being (klomerati tendrils) and survive it so that they can use the symbiotic relationship with them to enhance their power. And they have to do all of that while having a pleasant conversation with their patron god and not let any sign of discomfort show, and their whole reward for this is getting their brain sliced in half! I just love the extreme ruthlessness of this all, how people are manipulated to see this as something desirable, and how the gods still find the need to make their "victim" pretend to be unbothered and having to be able to talk coherently.

hiisikuningas - "Taurua"

I've read a few articles from Hiisikuningas before, but I'm not too familiar with their world yet. The article of theirs that I'm sharing really stood out to me as a fascinating tradition: elves add a new short name to their name every century to show their age. I really love the originality of this concept and the comparison with the rings of a tree.

Tradition - Monstruous


Cerulean-Falcon - "thugodi'

Cerulean is a new author for me I think. Their ward stones article stood out to me for their unusual mechanism: rather than outright magic, the stones are hollow and filled with a moss that brighten when people are coming along. I find this twist very cool :D Another article of theirs that I liked is their blood stones. Those are stones bathed in the blood of a victim whose soul become attached to it until vengeance is carried out against their murderer. Which then becomes trap in the stone instead of the victim :p I like this dark aspect of the myth that not a lot of people in this world know about and the implications.    

Orthais - "Fyria"

Another new-to-me author. I found this article from Sailing Ocelot's reading challenge. Here, a creature with a bad reputation is kept away by quickly making some blue stuff toys to leave them outside of the house. And since the truth is that the creature is just very shy and lonely, they love the stuff toys :D I found this article super cute!

Religious organisation

  With religious organisation, I mostly like to read about machiavelic groups and cults.  

Dazzlinkat - mythical/alternative history fantasy "hypnosium"

Daz's hypnosium world is full of fun retelling of myths and history. In this article, they take inspiration from the Greek myths of the Hesperides, and I like recognising different elements from Greek myths and seeing what Daz made with them.

Lilianacasper - sci-fi fantasy "Jerde"

Liliana's world is a place full of tension between people with magical powers, the Gifted, and the others. This article explores a cult of Gifted that consider themselves superior to non-Gifted and wish to take over. I always love this kind of unbalanced conflict, as well as cult. This article also stood out from me thanks to the addition of a section showing how young people attempted to take the cult down and how they suffer from it.

Mochimanoban - "Jerna's diary"

In Mochi's Jerna's Diary world, all articles are excerpts from the diary of one explorer, Jerna. This is one of my favourite ways to write worldbuilding articles, and I always love seeing how other people do it. In this world, Mochi is great at getting Jerna's voice across and showing her particular worldview. Here I want to share:
  • the article presenting Jerna, which was one I had been waiting for and a great presentation of the character. I also love Chimera's illustrations; the style seems particularly fitting for Jerna.
  • an interesting cult article with people voluntarily going outside in acid rain to make scar patterns on their skin. That's both a fascinating and horrifying idea XD


    See species monstruous section.  

    Strixxline - high fantasy "Malkora"

    Strixxline's Malkora is a high fantasy world. Here, I want to share their ashen cloister article. In a world of perpetual sunlight, this is about a cult that worship a volcano and its ability to hide the sun when it erupts. This is a very cool idea and seems very logical in such a harsh environment. But the cult pushes it even further and say that people are not allowed to sleep until the sun is hidden. All that sleeplessness must make those people very easy to manipulate by the cult leaders...

    Leadership organisation

      Here I was also mostly looking for some fun and evil organisation.  

    CrazyEddie - postapocalyptic fantasy "Koria"

    Eddie's Koria is a postapocalyptic fantasy set after some magic went out of control and created a kind of magical black hole out of which demons emerged. Here I want to share Eddie's article about his bank, the golden hoard. I always love dragons managing a bank, and here I like the details and technicalities of how the bank was established and is now working.

    Kros21 - sexy fantasy "Hislariya"

    In Kros' Hislariya world, dragons used to live among humans and could reproduce with them, giving rise to a species of half-dragons, the Makaris. Nowadays, the dragons have left and humans discriminate a lot against Makaris. Kros worldbuilding explore this relationship, while also often focusing on a few characters working on sexy "unconventional therapies" XD As a vet, Kros is also always amazing at writing about species.   For SC, Kros' article that stood out the most to me was the Dragon Seekers. Those are Makaris that have decided that since their people's genes are becoming more and more humans with every generation, they are going to take matters into their own hands by looking for the lost dragons and seducing them so as to get new half-dragon babies XD And most dragons are not exactly against the idea either... :p I just found this concept very fun, and I love that everyone just go for what they want without caring about social norms.   Another of Kros' article that I love is the Abyssal lure, which is a terrible sea monster. I love that the monster's lure is in the form of a "sea maiden" and that this combine the angler fish and siren into one terrifying creature.

    Stormbril - science fantasy "Cathedris"

    Stormbril's world is a science fantasy in the middle of an industrial revolution and where gods died in an epic battle and their corpses are now wandering around, creating damage and spawning monsters. Stormbril explores this fun concept with amazing illustration, css, and writing :D   My favourite article of theirs from SC is the presentation of the Altruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture, a very benevolent organisation that aims to create a new god under their control and do away with the annoying divine corpses still walking around. I love this machiavelic group, and not all of this is because I get to be an evil scientist among them XD   Another favourite is First Blood, which uses narration to show how some poor fool got manipulated into becoming a Cathalurgist - a sort of mage who has to inject themselves with blood taken from the divine corpses in order to get powers. Stombril did a great job in showing the horror of the procedure and the ruthless scientist/doctors carrying it out.   Also, special mention to the absolutely disgusting worm slush for a nourishing food to eat while up on a glacier XD

    Monstrous organisation


    Jacob-W - steampunk "Anisoptera"

    Jacob did SC in his new Anisoptera world. This is a steampunk world with lots of steam technology and terrible governments, just as I like them. As an engineer on a ship, Jacob is always great at writing about ships, both water and air ones apparently XD However, my favourite article from him this month was the one he wrote about the "glorious kingdom of Eglen". I love that he wrote it from the perspective of a sceptical outsider commenting on the propaganda of the kingdom while at the same time trying to justify their own propaganda and future invasion. This is just the kind of thing that I love and that are perfectly fitting for this Victorian-like era.

    Species in unlikely places



    See technology section.  


    See technology section.  


    See tradition honour section.  


    See material section.  

    Satrium - homebrew DnD "Lothrea"

    Satrium's world is a homebrew DnD. The article I want to share here is a short fun one about beer elementals - beer suddenly gaining sentience and becoming an elemental, to the annoyance of bar owners and people wanting a drink XD


    See food section.  

    Species monstrous



    See leadership organisation section  

    Rumengol - underwater fantasy "Spheres of Oblogga" and inter-dimensional travel "IDEA"

    Rumengol's Spheres of Oblogga is one of my favourite worlds :D In a planet completely covered by water, water species have had to adapt after a cataclysm that has made most of the sea unliveable. They now live inside a bubble gas carried on the back of gigantic sea creatures. My favourite thing about that world is the shift in perspective and how everything we know is adapted to fit those underwater species. Examples of this are the deadly "clouds" which are in fact icebergs, the name/"signature" of people which are some kind of vibrations that they naturally emits, or how people think in terms of lineages (families) instead of individuals because their lifespan is so short. For SC, my favourite article of Rumengol was the Leviathans, as those are the local gigantic and incomprehensible Eldritch Horrors. I love how the people of this world are trying to make sense of them, formulating different hypothesis, and as a reader we are doing the same from a different perspective. I also love how Rumengol ends his article with an "Obblogan perspective" section to give a subjective opinion from the inhabitants of the major settlement of this world. This gave me the inspiration to do something similary with my "Opinion from the Archives" section written from the POV of my MC.   However, Rumengol spent most of SC writing in his Idea world. In this world, humanity gave up on space travel and instead managed to invent ways to travel - and colonise - other dimensions. Rumengol explore the technologies, challenges, and ethical problems linked to that. My favourite article of the lot is the one in which a sect worships the Eldritch Horrors that live in between the dimensions XD



    PanthersEye - Medieval Fantasy "Agia"

    Panthers' world is a historical fantasy world, with a strong emphasis on the Medieval historical aspects and the impact of religion on society. I'm always particularly interested in seeing how she uses history to influence what she writes :D However, here I'm choosing to highlight a slightly different article because it has a cute evil cat! For the document prompt, Panthers chose to tell the story of someone attempting to get a map drawn for their book and of how the cartographer's cat keep thwarting them XD This was very fun, and I always love to see people use storytelling to present their worldbuilding information.

    StressWriter - "How to live in a fantasy world"

    Stress Writer just joined us on WA in July and has already written some very nice article :D I particularly love their document article, which is written as an actual travelog from an explorer going to the isolated Glacial Sea. It's full of tension, as the group is met with ominous signs and outright attacked on their way there, and you keep wondering whether the MC is going to survive or not. Sharing the worldbuilding through stories is really my favourite way to go :D

    Military conflict


    Julien - Superkids "Nyckaneh"

    Julien wrote SC in their superkids world - children have superpowers but lose them when they become teenagers. This bring a lots of challenge to parenting, and Julian's writing is mostly about those. This is all super-cute and focused around mundane problems that we often overlook when introducing magic or superpowers in our setting, and reading those articles is always fun. Here I chose to highlight Julian's conflict article, which is of course about two children fighting over a stuff toy :p I love it because it is not what we would think as a traditional "military conflict", but it fits the prompt perfectly and is really cute.


    see material section.  



    Colonel 101 - Medieval fantasy "The True Dark Ages"

    Colonel 101's world "The True Dark Ages" takes place in the Middle Age Dark Ages. It's a fun mix of fantasy element like elves and actual history. Here, my favourite article of theirs was their vehicle, which is a moth-like flying vehicle with clocklike gear. I really like this steampunk mechanism and imagery.

    Milladamen - cats' "Mew World"

    Milla's Mew world is super fun and cute! It's all cats living with their humans but having their own societies and complaining about the strange humans' ways. My favourite this month were the evil travel prison (cat carrier), and the perfect leaf (humans cruelly falling to appreciate the beauty of a leaf brought to them by their cat). I love the twist in perspective and the overly dramatic cats XD    

    Nnie and Skyrunner

    See material section.  

    Diverse geography



    See material section.    

    Drunkenpanda - high fantasy "Kohtalo"

    Drunkenpanda's world is a high fantasy ttrpg. The article I want to share concerns wizard's towers. I like how a wizard's tower is a very important building, that it takes a similar role to a church in differentiating towns from villages, and that not all of them are actually towers.

    Hanhula - divine fantasy "Istralar"

    Hanhula's Istralar is one of my new discoveries of the month. I had read a few articles of her before, but it's the reading of her Queen's justice article this month that really sparked my interest and made me read a lot more in her world. It's a secondary fantasy where some people have powerful magic, there are gods and demi-gods influencing society, and beyond a cheery exterior darkness lurks.   Hanhula's articles I particularly loved are:
  • her Holy Princess Chandna, because she seems just like the kind of MC I write for my novels, a clever person interested in learning and research but who lacks confidence and does not truly want to take part in politics yet who is forced to do so by circumstances.
  • the Queen's justice article, as this seems like a perfect system at first, but you quickly realises the darker side lurking beyond the surface and how the queen is an all powerful dictator further empowered by the religious system that makes her a living goddess.
  • the broken peace. Another landmark that stood out to me despite me not typically liking this template. Here, a group of people were betrayed by the gods for having strange magical powers. They reacted by turning their back on the gods and cursing them, especially by writing all those curses on big monuments. I just love the spite of it all XD
  • the Starsear location. This is where an ancient battle between gods took place, and now the land is cursed and curses anyone who set foot there. I love this idea and this is an interesting take on what happens to divine battlefield. I need to think too about making something strange about the lands where my gods are fighting.


    See material section.  


    See material section.  

    My goals

      In the immediate future, I need to shift gear and go back to revising one of the three novels that I have drafted but left unfinished. This was my objective of the year, but I have made almost zero progress on that so far and keep procrastinating with World Anvil XD For Nanowrimo in November, I'll probably do a rewrite of Portal to Sérannie, as it requires a lot of revisions. In the meantime, I want to try to focus on the Magical University of Lille, as I've already done one round of revisions on it and it should not require that much work to become readable.   For worldbuilding, I think I'm going to focus on my gods world of Divine Tyranny, as those articles require less work (and so less stress) than my alternative history or science fantasy settings. I made some nice progress in that world during Summer Camp, and the main plot of the novel is starting to take shape in my mind. I'm still undecided about what I'll do for World Ember, I will probably continue in that world, although I will probably follow inspiration and make a few extra articles in some of my other worlds like I did during SC.


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    Amelie, as always, there's so much here! I counted 39(?) articles. It's all laid out really well and I think I'm going to have to wander over and check out a few of these articles.

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    The Inishtari Tribe are an ancient tribe in the land of Sleyterra. Their focus on culture has shaped modern Oscana.

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    So much reading, so much love. Most of the people and if the articles I knew, but there are some new as well. Good read and holy moly, did you do a serious reading. I hope you could enjoy it.   Oh and thanks for featuring me :)

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    Are you sure that you only have 24 hours in your days? Wow, a lot of familiar names, but it is always interesting to see and hear other peoples perspective on something, and you always do a wonderful job on layout as well. Good luck with the revisions, while we love you WA work, if you need the discord can always try to keep you on task (or if we are being honest, possibly aid in distracting, but hey, all world building is good world building?)

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    This was great! I really enjoyed that you took the time to introduce each world a bit, and why you like them. That was a great touch.

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    Very good article on articles! I like the introductions to the worlds and the reasons you like them. This has lead me to some new creators to I have the time to read everyone's everythings.

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    I really enjoyed seeing how many articles you added here, and was delighted that one of mine made your list! I'm definitely going to read some of these. I wish you luck working on your drafts!

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    What an impressive list! So much effort from you Amelie, and thank you for the attention and kind words. Life has been too busy me for me to do the reading challenge, but you;'ve collected an amazing set here, which I'll peruse through when I can.   Thanks again - and all the best!

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    omg, this is a MIGHTY reading article! I am blown away by all the effort on display here, and by just how much reading you do -- truly amazing :D I love all the writeups about every author and their work, whether you know them well or have just discovered them this SC. I'm absolutely honored to be included among them, and I've thoroughly enjoyed going through and reading your takeaways on each :D

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    Amélie, I'm going to cry. Thank you for your kind words!   Also, holy shit this is some *dedication*. The works you've highlighted are fantastic! I'm particularly charmed that you highlight which authors you know and which ones are new, and that you're even checking back in on authors you followed last year is just really sweet.

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    Ame, you are always up to going above and beyond the call of duty, this is absolutely impressive!   Thank you so much for including one of my articles, it means a lot to me! I loved how you describe your findings of this month, and how you took the effort of mentioning the theme of each world and describing them.   I found that adorable "The wumpkin needs a friend" article thank to this one, that was a cute read indeed

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    I love how you always go above and beyond with these things. <3 And thank you so much for your kind words.   Going to have to leave this open so I can go through a bunch of these!

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