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The Winter Storm's Hall

Voices echo around the halls, happy voices, laughter and relaxation. Everyone seems to be calm, which is nice. It's been a rough, wild few weeks, we all need time to rest. Several children dart about, happily playing with their parents who are finally getting time with them. I stretch and look around. Where's Beithir?   Then music reaches my ears, echoing about the hall in and around the voices. I smile. Ah, pulled out your cello, did you? Everyone's going to be enjoying this.   Her music gets louder and louder, or perhaps it's just that everyone's starting to fall quiet, listening to my sisters' cello sing. The beautiful echoing makes the melody haunting. I let out a sigh. Go and help our army relax sis. They deserve it, as do you.

Purpose / Function

Just a general hall for the Winter Storm, the personal army of the Hacend twins, gather and relax. Occasionally their families will join them.


It was originally a warehouse but once the Hacend twins and their little army grab it up as a common meeting ground and place to just relax. They retrofitted it so that it better suited their needs. Chairs and tables, bookshelves filled with books, games, exercise equipment, couches and a lot of blankets. People tend to randomly take naps there and often get covered by their teammates, so they don't get cold.
Room, Common, Hall


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