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Order of the Conjured Blade

I fiddle with my charm, looking at the blade carved to look like it's made of pure light. Its presence makes me feel more secure, especially with the new arrivals walking around. They're different, the feel of their magic sets me on edge. I know they don't mean any harm but it's small comfort to my nerves. Maybe with time I'll come to be more comfortable around them.   "I wouldn't think too hard if I were you, Sir Reiner. Might strain something." I smack Lord Fénix on the back of the head. "Ow!"   "If anyone's going to strain something, it'll be you lifting too many books." He laughs, rubbing his head. "I'm just pondering the odd situation that brought us our new arrivals, and the concern I have for when the Eternal Sun finds out."   Fénix cringes. "Yeah, they're not going to react well when they find out about the Hacende's sudden return."   "With their return, the rest of their people will rise up. They won't like it." I grip the charm. "They'll do a lot to ensure we don't interact with them."   "But the Conjured Blade..."   "We'll fight them off if necessary. Not all of us like the Elves but they are our allies, have been for thousands of years." I look at the young man next to me. "Don't worry. I'm always uneasy with strangers. They're magic users, blessed with power."   "I don't think I've ever heard you say that."   "Like I told your cousin, I don't hate Castors, I'm with the Conjured Blade, I just don't like those touched with Infernal magic."   "No one does." He glances up at the sky. "Blessed with the light of Alyia, gifted with her power."   "Follow her light and bring it further into the world." We smile and head in. I need to find his cousin, he is my charge.


The Conjured Blade is led by a group of elders who retired knights, clerics and other members of the organization and are accustomed to handling rowdy Castors and active-duty soldiers, non-magical civilians and the Order of the Eternal Sun, who they openly oppose.   The elders oversee the entirely of the workings of the Order, making sure that the younger members aren't getting out of line. The senior knights, clerics and educators report to them and help make the decisions as to what they should do in the future. There are a lot of junior knights, clerics, students and non-military members who will weigh in with their opinions or concerns to their seniors who will discuss matters with them and bring it to the elders if necessary.   The majority of the members are born into the Order, but they happily take in new members when they come to their doors.


They worship the goddess Aliya, the primary goddess of Illary and the overseer of magic for men. They are warmly welcomed in their homeland, Illary, seen as protectors of the people and decently well received in Gîlmunrîel. The Order of the Eternal Sun hate and fear mages, seeing the Conjured Blade as a blasphemous and demonic order. The Coruscaren Order loves experimenting on their knights and clerics or using them in their gladiatorial arenas.

Public Agenda

To assist in protecting Illary from foreign and demonic enemies and to further Alyia's spoken word of the blessings of magic users.


They have a large home base set in Ocean's Refuge, the founding city of the Conjured Blade. Their clerics are great magic users and are often asked to train members of the Royal Family how to use their magic and their best knights are often chosen to protect the Royal Family. As a large organization, they do have a small army and decent funds that supply them. They also have a large library which scholars from across the country will come to study in (the oldest documents they have to pay to handle and only for a short time).

Divine Origins

The religion that follows Alyia has existed since before the country of Illary has. The Conjured Blade formed into a powerful order only seventeen years prior to the country's founding and proved to be vital in helping drive the Coruscaren Empire from the shores for what became Illary.   It is believed that Alyia blessed the Castors of Illary their magic at the beginning of the world as a way of protecting her husbands beloved creations from the darkness that was creeping into the world. The Conjured Blade sees themselves as her sword and magic incarnate, given to the land to act as her guardians of men, even though not all men want their protection.

Tenets of Faith

Follow the light of Alyia, spread it though the land and world.   Bring Castors up, for they are the strength of the world.   Soldiers of magic are the sword and shield of their homes.


There are prayers that are said every day in the morning and at night, praising and thanking Alyia for her light and praying that they are kept safe though the dark hours.

Granted Divine Powers

Magic. Most have powers over the basic elements and a select handful have power over the purest of light. This is an extremely rare gift and in the current age, the five hundred and twenty-fifth age, there are no light castors among the Order. Light is considered a special blessing from Alyia, those with it are highly honored and respected, if they follow the tenets of their faith.

Wyczarować światło- Conjure the light

Founding Date
Religious, Holy Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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