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Hall of the Dragon Royals

Mom looks so tired, sitting in her throne. It's been a really trying day, what with the food shortages plaguing the land. Dad's almost overwhelmed with organizing the rationing events, everything else has been left to her. It's almost unfair. The summer was just so hot, all the plants were dying. Now the winter's horribly cold.   "Queen Raina, we can barely feed those inside the city, how are we to possibly maintain the Lhûg who still wander in the wilds?" Senator Nenya asks. I don't like her.   "The Lhûg are used to hardships, it is a part of their lives. My husband's tribe is more than capable of caring for themselves and he has already checked on them. They are fine and said to ensure the other tribes set in cities who heavily rely on the farmlands and the orphans are taken care of." Mom rubs her eyes. "We will make it through the winter."   "This winter is particularly harsh, how can you both be certain they won't come knocking?"   "Senator Nenya." Lord Nimtolien's voice is soft, almost inaudible. Everyone falls silent. "I get that you still think the Lhûg to be wild savages, but your archaic mindset is quite tiring. They understand the cold winters and hot summers better than any of us. There might not be any food if it wasn't for them offering advice to the farmers. Now, how about you ask useful questions, instead of stressing out our very pregnant queen."   Mom nods to him, clearly grateful. The hall remains silent for a moment.   "The Myriel are doing well, despite the food shortages.” Senator Lindir stands. “The hunts have been decent for us as well. I believe we can divert some of the dry goods to the Figil, as they are struggling so greatly.”   “And why is it that my tribe is struggling so greatly when we have the most farmers?” Senator Nenya snaps. “We should be struggling the least and the Lhûg most.”   "Senator, do you need to exit for a moment?” Mom asks, resting a hand on her belly. “I’m sure we could spare you for a few minutes.”   "Your majesty, I’m just voicing my concern as to why our people are so hungry.”   "Everyone's hungry, Senator. I'm hungry. We are doing everything. Unless you're going to offer some meaningful advice as to how to help feed everyone, please stay silent. No one here has the time or energy for your nonsense today." I stare at Mom, surprised. She's usually so gentle and calm, seeing her so agitated is rare. A flash of pain crosses her face. I run over to her, worried. My hand rests on hers. Exhaustion, mild discomfort, hunger, irritation. "I'm fine, little wing."   I turn to Senator Nenya. "Everyone's giving up food so that everyone has their best chance. Our people will endure the winter and thrive when spring returns. Stop badgering my mom just because you think we have it better than you. We don't."   I lift up my shirt, showing my ribs. "We're all suffering from the lack of food but together we'll survive. Together, we'll rise." I let my shirt fall, trying to avoid shaking.   "Prince Tegalad speaks the truth. Fighting amongst ourselves won't help." I don't know that senator but he's from the Figil too. Thank you for being the reasonable one from your tribe. Mummers crisscross the room. "My dad should be back with the Functionaries with a report tonight about the full extent of the new plans as to how we're going to continue feeding everyone through the rest of the winter. This was just to see how everyone is doing so far and we're surviving. We'll reconvene tomorrow."   Several people smile at me as I turn back to my mom. She pats my head. Things are settled for now. Hopefully things will improve.

Purpose / Function

To help organize the kingdom of Gîlmunrîel. Here the senators and chiefs of the five tribes gather to make decisions as for what is best to protect, care for and help their people prosper. The king or queen, who is also the chief of the Lhûg, will also be present. This is also where civilians will come when seeking an audience with the Royal family.


The Throne room is a large hall. There are large windows that allow the Drakie to peer in if they desire. Glyphs keep the cold out in winter and heat out in summer.


There is on entry to the room, guarded by a haft dozen guards and usually one Drakie.

Contents & Furnishings

There are chairs for all the senators and the senior aids, set in a semicircle around the room. The king and queen have their own chairs at the front opposite of the senators, set back from the speaking area at the center. The other chiefs have chairs there as well, for when they attend.


Unique to the Lhûg, the large, white building has large balconies for the Drakie to rest on, whether they be Dragon or Drake. There's plenty of room for them to rest nearby, if they so desire. The entry doors are a light grey, with darker grey designs. They are also quite large, requiring either a Castor or a Drakie to open and close them.


There are a good number of defenses, even with it being so close to the city center. Members of the both the City and Palace Watch help keep an eye on the senators who often have their own guards with them. The Dragon Guard also assists in defense. Wards help protect against magical attacks. Drakie are present as well, helping in adding to the defense.
Great hall
Ruling/Owning Rank


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