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An Evening Ceremony: Knighting a Lochir

I take a deep, nervous breath. My armor feels uncomfortable and despite the chill in the air, I'm rather warm. Raunien looks at me, smiling slightly.   "It's alright little brother." He says softly. "You're ready for this."   "Doesn't mean I'm not nervous." I say as we walk to the city center. "I know Dame Ariel says I'm ready and that she wouldn't have set my knighting ceremony for today if I wasn't ready, but this is it. She's said it's time, time to be a knight, an adult."   "You're going to do splendidly." A noise catches his attention, and he reflexively puts out a hand, trying to tuck a girl who isn't there behind him. He almost laughs. "Odd for her not to be here."   "Like that. How am I just going to know like that?"   "You already do. I see how you are with the prince whenever the two of you are wandering about in the city alone. You just know to try to tuck him behind you, where you can more easily protect him. You're more than ready."   We're there are there are several people already waiting. Dame Ariel stands where Raunien normally would, at the side of Princess Beithir. I meet the princess' eyes. She gives me a little smile and tries to wrap herself up in her cloak tighter. I pull off mine and walk over to her, wrapping it around her shoulders.   "Thank you." She whispers. Raunien joins us, nodding to Dame Ariel.   "I appreciate you watching over the princess while I walked my brother here." They switch places and Dame Ariel walks me over to where the King and Queen stand.   "I attest to my students' skill and offer him up to you for knighting." She says, "It has come time for the vigil. He is ready."   I step forward and take a knee. Fear has left, excitement taking its' place.   "Do you vow to protect our kingdom, our lands and our people, even with the cost of your life? Do you vow to serve this land, until your life has ended, fighting whenever called upon, bleeding whenever necessary and giving your life to protect your charge?"   "I do."   "Do you vow to protect our skies, flying first and foremost into battle, leading the charge and banishing our enemies from our shores?"   "I do." I feel the cool touch of a blade against my neck, the sword tapping both shoulders lightly.   "Rise, Lochir. Rise, Sir Glandur." I stand, taking my knights blade from the king when offered it. "You will stand watch tonight at the main gate. I will send Sir Raunien and the twins to fetch you when your vigil is over."   I nod my head, looking into my kings' eyes. There's a level of pride there. "You begin your duties first thing tomorrow. It's going to be a long day."   I cock my head, confused. The queen laughs gently.   "You are to serve as Veryan's knight." My eyes widen. The knight of the Prince. The Royal twins are laughing softly, clearly happy with the turn of events. "Go, fulfill your duty for the night."   I bow and head for the front gate, ready to start in my duties as a knight. It will be a long night though.


The Lochir, Knights who ride Dragons, have existed since the first age of the world. Gilglyss Hacende founded the Knightly Order and their ways while young. Fitting as she was both our first Dragon Rider and first queen. She wanted a way to honor those knights who put in the effort to go beyond a basic knights training and become a Lochir.


The ceremony always takes place in the evening, as the darkness was historically the most dangerous time for the Lhûg, and as the founder was Lhûg, the time was chosen to prove the young knight was truly ready. Once they have reached the city center, they are knighted by a member of the Royal family then new knight would be tasked with keeping watch over the capital for the night. They would stand, silently unless a threat approached, regardless of the weather for the entire night. Keeping the city safe, their people safe, regardless of the tribe they hailed from, for the night was proof that they had truly finished their training and were ready to safeguard their people and whomever they eventually swore to protect.

Components and tools

The main, and most important thing is knights' sword. The king or queen will knight them with that blade, then present the blade to the knight.


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