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Scene: Haras v. Search for the Forbidden Key

Haras the Ranger wants to "Find the Forbidden Key" before the Orc patrol returns to their camp at dawn. But she can't use light as it will alert the gaurd tower on the other side of the lake.

Plot points/Scenes

Haras starts this mission North of the village, where a field meets the forest.
She will need to find her way to the probable location of the Key.
Search the location and retrieve the Key.
"Deal" with any barriers that come to a stop her.
Leave via the North Road, where her horse is waiting.


This is Haras' first mission as a fully qualified Ranger. Hence she is completing this alone. She has her horse, eagle and her intuition. It is her intuition that she must learn to trust her King, as she will not be able to trust what she sees. This night is particularly dark as all three moons are not in the sky.
  If any lights come on in the small village, several orcs will come across the lake from a Watch Tower, 5 mins away, to investigate.
  Haras must use stealth, cunning and insight to complete this mission.



St Thomas

St Thomas Manor House Floor One

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