Alqamar - The First Moon of Inanta


Alqamar is the first moon of Inanta. This moon effects moon related issues most often. Once every 86 days. While the third moon is circles Inanta more often, the third moon doesn't have enough of an effect to have any significance.   Alqamar is the moon that influences the supernatural and preternatural creatures. This is also the moon that is used for most rituals, spells and potions The Deities that rule this moon are Darah, Deity of the Preternatural, Sihiri, Goddess of Magic and the Arts, and Volana, God of the Sun, Moons, and Stars.    

Potions, Rituals, Spells

One of the most famous of the rituals that is completed on the full moon of Alqamar is the Ritual of Shifting, where a witch will submit her will to the Darah, Deity of the Preternatural so that she will learn how to become a shapeshifter, though she will not get to choose the shape of the animal that she will take.   The most evil potion of all time is completed during the new moon of Alqamar. It is the Potion of Death. It's the most potent poison on Inanta. It takes the fur and claw of the Tita Lobos and many other ingredients.     The Other Moons   Inanta has two more moons.   Bulan, the third moon of Inanta, is the smallest moon and rarely affects Alqamar. It is on a erratic circle around Inanta and only affects Alqamar when it passes close.   Lusin, the second moon of Inanta. This moon has the greatest effect on moon related issues, but the full moon only happens twice a year.


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