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Adana Sihiri Crystals


Magic can be stored in different object. How much depends on what the object is made out of and how well crafted the object is. Objects that use lesser materials and have faults will not only hold less magic, but make leak magic as well. Better quality materials and better crafting makes for a better container for stored magic.   The Adana Sihiri Crystals are the best for storing magic. They are natural crystals found in mines across Inanta and don't leak magic once the magic has been added. The only trick is that if you add too much magic to them, they will blow up. They come in five different colors: yellow, green, red, blue, and purple. Rarely, large growths of them can be found outside of a mine.  


Adana Sihiri Crystal Non-Magic User Battery Usage Magic User
Elesa Crystal Too powerful for non-magical users Good for gargantuan size engines, mechanicals and technology Good for one additional level 9 slot
Mordo Crystal Too powerful for non-magical users Good for huge size engines, mechanicals and technology Good for one additional level 7 or level 8 spell slot
Piros Crystal Too powerful for non-magical users Good for large size engines, mechanicals and technology Good for one additional level 5 or level 6 spell slot
Zelena Crystal Good for one cantrip or level one spell Good for medium size engines, mechanicals and technology Good for one additional level 3 or level 4 spell slot
Jon Crystal Good for one cantrip Good for tiny or small size engines, mechanicals and technology Good for one additional level 1 or level 2 spell slot

Buying & Selling

Crystal Buy Sell-Filled Sell-Empty
Elesa 100 pp 60 pp 30 pp
Mordo 10 pp 6 pp 3 pp
Piros 20 gp 12 gp 6 gp
Zelena 2 gp 12 sp 6 sp
Jon 1 sp 6 cp 3 cp

Average Time to Fill

Crystal Single Magic User Coven
Elesa N/A 12 hours
Mordo 12 hours 3 hours
Piros 3 hours 30 minutes
Zelena 30 minutes 5 minutes
Jon 5 minutes N/A


In Omi of 2288, Jon Solman, a mage at the Magic Academy at Winterborn was working on a spell with a yellow crystal on his desk, as a pretty paperweight. The yellow crystal absorbed some of the magic of the spell. When it could no longer hold anymore magic, the yellow crystal blew up, disrupting the spell. This caused the spell to backfire, blinding the mage. Some of the professors of the time investigated the incident found that the yellow crystals could hold magic and begin to study them. By the end of the year, they had figured out that each color of crystal could hold a different amount of magic with the yellow crystal being the least and the purple crystal being the most. They named the yellow crystal after the student who was blinded (Jon) and named the other crystals after the four professors who studied the phenomenon (Zelena - green, Piros - red, Modro - blue, & Elesa - purple).   In Aki of 2517, Adana Sihiri crystals were found to give the power of magic to the people of Inanta without inherent magic. Up to this point, only Mages had access to Adana Sihiri Crystals, as they used them to store their magic for spells and rituals that were beyond their own inherent powers. Every student was given a Jon crystal as part of their training materials. Second Year Student, Lilia Tilmia took a Jon Crystal home with her during a break from the Magic Academy. She let her little brother, Daniel, play with the crystal while babysitting him. Little Danny decided to try to copy the magic his sister was showing her family the night before and made his hand light up with the power stored in the crystal. Lilia showed Danny a couple of other small cantrips and spells, which only worked when he was holding the crystal. Lilia tried again with her mother, father, and older sister when they all returned home later that evening. Each small spell and cantrip (level one spells) would work if they were holding the Jon crystal. They would stop working if they set the crystal down. Lilia returned to school and told her teachers about what she found out. The Magic Academy at Winterborn started researching this phenomenon, which later became known as the Tilmia Effect.   The Tilmia Effect allowed the general population to use magic in their everyday life, which made the Adana Sihiri Crystal a crucial part of everyday life. The Academy at Winterborn opened up mage schools in every major city on Inanta and sent teachers to all the towns and villages to small for a mage school. These teachers and schools taught the population how to use the crystals safely and to their best effect. The Magic Academy also used the teachers and schools to identify children with the potential to become mages, so that they could be sent to the Magic Academy at Winterborn for training.   In Xarma of 2821, Tarin Halson, a Professor of Alchemy at the Magic Academy at Winterborn discovered how to use the Adana Sihiri Crystals to supply power to all manner of engines, mechanicals and technology. This discovery started magical industrial & technological revolution, including the invention of the The DeWulf Airship as a means of transportation. This make the Adana Sihiri Crystals even more precious to the population of Inanta.


Geology & Geography

The Adana Sihiri Crystal are found in and around the mines of Inanta, though sometimes they can be found in out of the way places where the peoples of Inanta rarely venture.

Origin & Source

Not much is known about the origin of the Adana Sihiri crystals. They have been found in all sorts of mines, and are not exclusively pared with a specific ore or gem. The The Miner's Guild of Inanta doesn't understand the pattern for when these crystals show up or how many are going to show up at one time. Sometimes you can find a lot of one particular type of crystal in one mine, but other times, you will find a few different types in another mine.   The Miner's Guild of Inanta can't find a pattern to how the crystal is formed. Even the Magic Academy at Winterborn has tried to map out Inanta using magic to find the crystals, but everytime they try the spell, it backfires. Last time, they tried the spell, it killed the 13 mages that tried it in a special ritual to add extra power to the spell. The Magic Academy has now banned the spell.


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