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In the Darkness of Night, Hunting Monsters

March 31, 2021

Created by

My own version of Earth 16 (Young Justive tv show) with some additions from DC Earth 1, Prime Earth, and New Earth. Mix of all canons, both pre- and post- new 52 comics, the Young Justice cartoon, and whatever else I want. Mainly following YJ tv timeline, except for my own additions that are relevant to my plot. Cherry picking between my favorite elements of pre and post crisis from the comics, to add to characterization and to help fill in any blanks, but the emphasis is going to be on the Young Justice earth.   Created specifically for my fic "In the Darkness of Night, Hunting Monsters." Earth-16 or Universe-16 is the universe in which Young Justice takes place. It is part of DC Comics' multiverse of 52 parallel worlds that arose after the Infinite Crisis. Most of the characterization is going to be based on the Young Justice tv show.   Do not expect perfect canon compliance. This is an AU, after all.   Also, lots of people really like Old English. And it will eventually be relevant to the plot.

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