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A Dish of Warm Nostalgia and Rejuvenated Life

Miss Mallyre is known as the Founding Mother of Renewal Culinary. The First known individual who not only wondered about the revival of our dying organic life every five years, but thought to make use of the explosion of flavor that our World creates during this phenomena. One of her most famous dishes, and the only one never released to the public, is the one and only Flareshare!   A dish quite similar to curry, with tender chunks of savory meat - many suspect it being caramel cow meat, due to Miss Mallyre's well known love for the flavor - and intricately cut vegetables marinated in wondrously flavored sauce, topped over Wilds Rice. Because only Wilds Rice glimmers with a light jade hue when cooked after all!    

The Most Infamous Family Secret Recipe

  This specific dish is made only by the Descendants of Miss Mallyre and, according to our sources, the criteria to learn the recipe within the family is an incredibly high hurdle of loyalty - meaning that they are all just as quite on the recipe as the Founding Mother. The unsolved mystery of the one dish she never handed over to the public.  
This may not be my masterpiece, but it's the history of my family and that is something not even my lust for advancement can overcome. Anyone can taste our love, but you'll have to create your own bonds - that's what makes them special.
  True to her words, Miss Mallyre never did reveal the exact ingredients or procedures for creating this dish, but she did reveal hints that can help the rest of us create our own versions. She did confirm that not only is the Flareshare similar to curry, it's not wrong to think of it as a spicy, semi-dry curry. And yes we are not morons for thinking she used Wilds Rice, but she also uses two types of rice for the dish! Aside from that we must rely on our own imaginations to create our own Flareshares. It has also been confirmed that the name itself has no actual clues towards the dish, it's a family joke that many of us will never be let in on.    

A Known Method, but Unique Presentation

  It's a common fact that during the Cycle of Renewal, the Seasons of the Yawning Fairy and Dancing Spirits, are the most difficult to traverse. With most all organic life forcibly marching towards its 'unnatural' death; many farmers have almost nonexistent crop yields, non-perished food stuff are sparse, and life all around us is visibly dying. It's during this period in the Cycle, referred to as the Crescendo Period, that Renewal occurs and the World breathes new life into itself for another five years. And at the Peak of Crescendo, the Revitalizing Flood of Magic returns life lost to the World and the taste of any food reaches beyond the peak in flavor.   A Flareshare's serving platform, while not the most intricate nor eye-catching, is made to show off a small spectacular before your very eyes! Served on a reflective porcelain plate that is in-cased within a gemstone-lined glass dome. The gems are hyper polished tempered stones of both fire and water elements, stones of processed freezing and heating, and even container stones holding lightening. While the element and processed stones are common in cooking and baking, the container stones are normally used for combat, since they can contain almost anything - including spells, so the use of a container stone in the serving platform is odd to say the least. But that's where the spectacular comes in, while the Flareshare is cooking the 'Lightening Gemstone' activates with a mini lightening storm inside the glass dome. It has the added benefit of slightly charring the food to give it a subtle smokey flavor and a tiny crunch!    

Basics to Know before Heading out for a Bite

  It’s common sense to not eat any Renewal meal before midnight, because they are prepared with inedible, or at the very least unpalatable, ingredients. But the moment the Revitalizing Flood of Magic hits, be the first to take a bite!   Treat yourself, Flareshare is meant to be eaten alongside others and while it's not the most affordable item, it's a special occasion. Indulge a bit extra during the Crescendo.   Renewal Cuisine, and none have come close to what the Flareshare is capable of, are created to absorb the energy of new life and increase the natural amplification of life that Renewal provides. It a Cuisine type that has become synonymous with the celebration of life.   The Flareshare is only served in three places, each of which have actually become foundations for the largest Renewal Festivals in all of Implacabilis!  
Glenarm, Nesco The Country of Freedom • Ollosara, Alpida The Country of Festivity • Mi, Ikasha The Country of Knowledge.
Flareshare is a Renewal dish that doesn't customize itself to individual taste preferences the way many others do, but it invokes a strong feeling of nostalgia when consumed. It has a strong helping on spice, the heat rolls down the body while the dry texture flows in like a Savanna, exciting the Dying World, or your World at least, into its rejuvenation!   In her later years the Founding Mother came to adore the Bubbling Bluenberry Refresher introduced by the people of the lands of Roslochia. And many patreons down the line have come to pair the meal with it!

A Basic Beginning


  • Meat of your choice - chicken is a favorite
  • A Potato
  • Garlic cloves, please
  • Onions sliced thin
  • Lemon juice
  • Slight sprinklings of Ginger
  • Don't forget to cut up some Tomatoes
  • A bay leaf
  • Dried Red Chillies do wonders
  • Green Cardamom, yum!
  • Black Pepper and Salt are always welcome
  • Don't forget the Sugar
  • Green Chillies for some basic spice
  • Kashmiri chilli powder is a great choice
  • Turmeric, Garam Masala, Cumin powder
  • Some Coriander Leaves
  • Oil from the essence of mustard
Don't forget the Wilds Rice!

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