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Scion Marriage Rituals

Courtship is described in this article Scion   Marriage is extremely important to scions due to the commitment many put into the decision. Generally, scions take up a year of thought towards marriage to actually feel comfortable with such a decision. In a marriage between two scions their rites are brought together and the marriage process takes years for it's finalized. The Ceremony of Scions is name of the ceremony held to bring the two together. One friend gives them each a piece of silk to remember the moment with their Memory Cloth. Here are some of the required rites each scion tends to want during their ceremony.     Draconis : The ceremony must be large and exciting. Nothing boring.   Gryphor: It must be during the day and a very formal occasion with only family members allowed.   Phoena : It's a very intimate moment for them, so a smaller generally slow-going event is preferred.   Kitsa: They like theirs at night and is more casual experience.   Naganais: They want their ceremony outdoors around the element associated with them. Also, a lot of flowers.   Otherwise their ceremony tends to look like a party. Food and drink are in abundance with plenty of company. When the party is over then elder scion will bring their union together in love.    

Interspecies Relationships

  Scions are a very reliable species. Due to their long life, they can understand many different cultures easily and are generally very worldly people. Some relationships due occur mostly between humans and elves. When this does occur, scions tend to take control over the marriage. They are very traditional with marriage since it's a very long decision. The above preferences are strictly followed and some of the traditions of their partner's culture is observed but only when approved. they tend to appear very strict.

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