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"The Angry Place" in Shutyilzh.   The explosive volcanic mountains of Yarspœumzhœ ("the battling peaks") lend the continent its name.  
zhœs sheshgum
place angry


Zhœsheshgum contains two countries, one undrinkable river, and a highly-active volcano chain.


Fivzhulzh ("the wide dunes") is the northernmost country on the planet, but it doesn't get the northern pole storms that Welkvœlves does, leaving it extremely dry. The dune fields are composed of unstable shale and is treacherous to traverse. The city of Zhilbalzh is located in the east.


Pekivzhez ("the bitter river") is named for the Shevzhez River which runs through the Yarspœumzhœ volcanic mountains. The continuous eruptions and lava floes constantly change the geography of the river, and the water is sulfurous and highly acidic. In the south of the country is a high concentration of creatures specially adapted to feed on the sulfur and live in high-acid environments, and those organisms neutralize the acidity before the river empties into the sea. The planet's capital Piksœkel is located in the northeast of the country.
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The Angry Place
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