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"The Mountain[ous] West" in Shutyilzh.   The ancient name for Yalœkel was "Yalpœœkel," literally "the west which is mountainous," but this name was simplified to remove the extra syllable "pœ."  
yal [pœ]œkel
west mountain[ous]


Yalœkel contains two countries, one large and branching mountain chain, a large desert, and significant volcanic activity.


Welkvœlves ("the wet wind") is the northernmost continent and extremely volcanic on its northwest wise. The city of Zhilbœkelroer ("under the fire mountain") is located south of the largest volcano, Bœkelroer.


Welkrutdü ("the dry wind") is the southernmost continent, named so for the majority arid landmass on the western side of the country, the Zhagrutdü desert. The city of Lükvürzumfi is on the southern end of this desert. On the eastern side of the mountains and the northernmost edge of the country sits the city of Lultpe.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mountain West
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