WorldEmber 2022

This is my first WorldEmber that I'm doing! I've wanted to do it in the past but I wasn't able to for various reasons. I'm looking forward to getting this one under my belt. For this WorldEmber, I'll be working on some world building for a potential upcoming middle grade manuscript that I'm setting in the world of Imperia Triplica but that isn't a direct part of the main story. The working title right now is Thunder in Our Hearts, set several centuries before the main story in Rebellion of the Exile, and focuses on Tasa and Silina, a pairing of preteens who are brought together by fate, or something like it.  
The prophecy for the end of the world was easy to ignore, because it came from the People-With-Teeth, and we had been at war with them for centuries for a reason.
  Those first lines begin the story of Silina, a girl struggling to learn the unique magic of Mauretania, Asode. One day, the mountains north of her village begin rumbling and smoking, and she is tasked to investigate. When she gets there, she finds one of the People-With-Teeth setting off a volcanic eruption, which blasts apart the mountains and causes the nearby ocean to flood through the gap where the mountains once were. Silina is swept away in the ocean, hanging onto the girl who turns out to be Tasa of the Hills-With-Teeth, the Tern Saintof the current age (later known as the Age of the Gemini). Her Cycle-ending task is to prevent the destruction of Mauretania from a supervolcanic eruption, and is doing this by venting smaller volcanoes around the perimeter of the supervolcano to decrease the eruption pressure. The two travel together across the flooding volcanic caldera and become friends, but even their combined abilities may not be sufficient for the cataclysm looming on the horizon.




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