We Hear Your Song

An ancient magic that the Renanim have preserved over millennia, Renanel exists as an organized religion as well as a core fact of the universe's foundation. Renanim believe when they experience the magic of Renanel, it's not through any power of their own, but rather by the permission of the Lord of the Universe.

Renanim invoke this permission from the Lord of the Universe through song. They practice for years to perfect the tones, pitches, and lyrics to be able to summon magic faster and more effectively.

Divine Origins


Renanel's magic is split; every type of power has an equal opposite. The Songs of War balance out Songs of Peace; Light balances Darkness; Storms balance Calm, and so on. Every renan is born with an affinity for a type of magic, which manifests as an increased ease of use and magnification of power.

There are twelve opposing types of magic:
Magic Opposing
War Peace
Death Life
Storms Calm
Lies Truth
Mending Breaking
Light Dark

Cosmological Views

Oh Lord, Hear My Song.
— start of all Renanel prayers

Renanim believe that their actions done through magic affect the universe profoundly and immediately. Magic used for evil will damage the universe, and magic used for good will repair this damage. Over time, if more good magic than bad magic is used, they will eventually repair all the damage in the universe, and usher in an age of eternal light and happiness.



In accordance with the laws of the universe, the power that fuels the magic doesn't come from nowhere. The Lord of the Universe grants acccess to this power, but does not provide the power itself. There are three sources of power a renan must learn to tap into in order to perform magic.  


A renan's affinity is the first source of power, able to draw energy from various harmless sources in order to fuel that particular type of magic. When a renan uses magic of their affinity, the effect on the universe is a net positive, though a very small positive.  


The renan's own life is the second source, and can be tapped into for small feats of magic that a renan has no affinity for. When a renan draws power from their own life, the effect on the universe overall is relatively neutral. However, the effect on the renan is generally negative, depending on the amount of power needed for the magic. There are historical songs of renanim who used up their entire life power reserve in order to perform a heroic feat of magic, although this happening in reality is unheard of.

Broken Pieces

In renani legend, all the evil in the universe was once contained within cosmic jars. But the evil was too great for those jars and they exploded, shattering all across the universe. When the jars have been reassembled, they can once again contain the universe's evil. Renanim, in particular the Menders, work to find these broken pieces and free them from whatever prison they've been kept in. The energy that surrounds these pieces is significant but destructive, and is the only way a renan can use a large amount of magic that they don't have an affinity for, or can use the magic that opposes their own affinity. A renan of War cannot use Peace magic unless they draw power from a broken piece. When a renan draws power from a broken piece, the effect on the universe is a sharp negative.


Once dependent upon priests to teach the songs, the Renani Insurgency Control Order and the Seventeen Hour War decimated the formal priesthood and nearly wiped out the written records and knowledge of the songs. Those remaining pool their memories and knowledge to maintain the ability to teach new generations the ancient songs and keep the magic going.

Religious, Organised Religion
Notable Members

Articles under Renanel

Renanel Magic

TypeEffect on RenanEffect on Others
WarFaster, stronger, higher pain toleranceWeaker, slower, more fearful.
PeaceCapable of staying calm under pressure.Amenable to peaceful actions and conversations.
MendingAble to find and mend the broken piecesA sense of universal calm.
BreakingCreating a devastating dismantling of a specific object or focus point.A sense of dread; possible physical injury.
TruthCan tell if someone is being honest.Compelled to tell the truth.
LiesLies are believed immediately.Don't pick up on lies told to them.
LifeHeal physical injuries in themselves or others; pull someone from the brink of death.n/a
DeathResurrect the newly dead; send someone to the brink of death.n/a
StormsSummon storms or make them more severe.Increased anxiety.
CalmBanish storms or make them less severe.Decreased anxiety.
DarkSummon darkness to an area, blocking light and obscuring visual senses.Blindness, depression.
LightSummon light to an area; capable of using it to light softly, or blind harshly.Euthymia, mania.
Kol-RenanCapable of using any type of magic they believe necessary for a situation.Whatever the effect of the chosen magic is.


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