Petrel Saint

Patron of Prediction

Storms are inevitable, but we can bear them with foresight.
- a Marinastan proverb

I don't know how I knew about Masada, but I'd do just about anything to forget again.

In Marinasta, the Petrel Saint marks the challenging period of storms, the first major trial of the current Saint Cycle. Characterized by prediction, the Petrel Saint's challenges can be avoided or at least be made less severe by paying attention to the signs leading up to the storms of the Age.

Defining Features

The Petrel Saint is imaginative, loyal, and deeply in touch with their own emotions and the emotions of others. They are also extremely persuasive, and gain their most profound pleasures when spending time with friends, especially if food is involved. When pressured or mistreated, they become moody, pessimistic, and insecure. Petrels are readily capable of manipulating those around them, either to positive or harmful ends. They dislike strangers or revealing any secrets they may hold.

Common Symbols

The Petrel Saint is represented by a petrel or petrel feathers, and the most recent person to embody the Petrel Saint will have tattoos patterned after that person's story. Saint Erasa defended the great Lighthouse of Hispania from being accidentally destroyed by a Legion coming through the postern unexpectedly. The postern had deactivated the Legion's ability to steer, and Erasa used the power of the Saint to inject that power back into the Legion, guiding them around the Lighthouse and into a safe area where they could recover. For this reason, Erasa is represented by a fist with a lightning bolt through it, symbolizing her ability to control electricity.

Not today. Not today. Not today. Not today. NOT TODAY!

The Seeing Saint

The Petrel Saint is the first saint of the Cycle that brings major upheaval, and this was certainly true for Erasa, whose Age saw the arrival of the Imperian Fleet into the Aprica System. Erasa is remembered for her feat at the Lighthouse but less so for simply being present on site that day. Most of the staff of the Lighthouse had been reassigned elsewhere after the Lighthouse was largely automated, but Erasa insisted she be assigned to the Lighthouse's skeleton crew covering the exact date of the Legion coming through the postern. "I just knew," she was later recorded as saying. "I knew that day would be important, and that I needed to be there. So I made sure I was."

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Comparable Mythologies:
Those born under the time of the Petrel Saint are also born under the Renanel sign of Sarton, which is represented by a fence or an enclosed chamber, and carries the meaning of separation or protection.
The agrimensor immunes class connects strongly to the Petrel Saint because they act as surveyors for new projects or sites, and take great pride in being able to predict problems. Agrimensores are also expected to perform their duties in any situation, as no activity can continue without them.

Representation in Art
The Petrel Saint is nearly always depicted with storm clouds or lightning behind it.

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