It is thought that Tasa's kindness was augmented by her culture, that of the People-With-Teeth, and allowed her to hang so much on so little.

I think I might've been born a few centuries too late. Shoshana-With-Teeth has a nice ring to it.

The People-With-Teeth were an ancient nomadic Mauretanian tribe that founded many of the cultural norms that are still used on Mauretania into modern times. Archaeological records indicate that they predated the Age of Arrival by several centuries, and after several environmental cataclysms, they assimilated into They-Who-Speak and the Dwellers-On-The-Sea to form modern Sherch Gass culture.


The Hills-With-Teeth have been a harsh place to live since the historical record began. The People-With-Teeth not only adapted to the conditions of the Hills-With-Teeth, but thrived there. Presumed to have arrived there from the eastern plains of the southern continent, the People-With-Teeth ascribed holy significance to the Hills-With-Teeth, especially the area known in modern Ajanasyian as Achfuchwinda.   The biggest dangers to the People-With-Teeth upon their early arrival to the desert were the harsh climate, and the shakanche roaming the sands. They rapidly developed methods of water conservation and the best migratory paths around the area, and they became such prolific hunters of the shakanche that the creatures would eventually start to avoid their encampments. The name "People-With-Teeth" stems from their use of shakanche teeth in almost all areas of life.
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Of the Teeth

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Shakanche teeth, hide, claws, horns, and bone were eventually in such high demand all over the planet that the People-With-Teeth became sought out for their apparent ease in hunting the creatures. They were difficult to find, however, partly because of the desolate landscape of the Hills-With-Teeth, but mostly because they rarely wanted to be found. When they would agree to trade with other nations, said trade was often irregular and could be expected to drop off at any moment once the People-With-Teeth got tired of the bureaucracy of it.   The People-With-Teeth were almost never found without at least one shakanche tooth on their person. Generally, a single tooth would be worn as a necklace, with additional teeth worn as ornaments in hair, attached to clothing, or fashioned into weapons. The tooth necklace was a potential weapon in its own right, though, as shakanche teeth would be left sharp after their extraction. Children, when given the shakanche tooth necklace to wear, would initially have it coated in wax or a cloth sheath to prevent them from being cut by it.

I learned that from a young age. That the People-With-Teeth always have a weapon on them. Always. Tasa had her magic of the Saint, but even with that, she always had that necklace, too.
— journal of Silina She-Who-Speaks


The alliance between Saint Tasa and Silina engendered a truce between their people, which later would be extended to the Dwellers-On-The-Water who would emerge on the Saint's Sea. In the Fourth Age, the People-With-Teeth would abandon all their settlements in the Hills-With-Teeth for an unknown reason, and archaeological records found evidence of them only alongside They-Who-Speak from then on. Soon, all evidence of them would fade entirely. Initially it was assumed that they had been defeated by They-Who-Speak and killed or taken as prisoners, but cultural records indicate a more peaceful end to the People-With-Teeth: intermingling and assimilation with They-Who-Speak and later the Dwellers-On-The-Water, resulting in an amalgamated singular people and culture of the southern continent.

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In records of cultures interacting with the People-With-Teeth, they're described as aloof, cautious, and bellicose. "Quick to appear, slow to speak, always watching" was the description of one trader from the northern continent.

When the People-With-Teeth and They-Who-Speak assimilated culturally, they also did so linguistically. This new language gave rise to Ajanasyian.

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