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Home of the Gizapletarris

At sundown, the city's residents were warned by legionnaires that they should flee, as the Legion would level the city to its foundations. Not a single resident heeded the warning, and the next morning, not one remained.

They couldn't defeat Eztareia in a fight, so they decided to sink her home into the sea. We have not forgotten the assault, and we never will.

The fortress built on the edge of the third island of The Shallows' eastern barrier islands, and the ancestral home of the Gizapletarris. Situated on the "Highway of Monsters" along with its sister city Bialiu, Manliu was destroyed by the Imperian Fleet during their invasion of Aquitania in an attempt to curb the violent resistance of Eztareia Gizapletar. The Legion's ballistarii shelled Manliu from orbit, destroying upward of 95% of the buildings there, and killing any residents who had not fled.


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third barrier

History and Culture

A fishing village on its foundation, Manliu became second only to Bialiu in its frequency of truo sightings. Set back from the Iozteucard further than Bialiu was, the krøtruo that came up from The Deeps were more likely to see Bialiu than they were Manliu. The Gizapletarris of Manliu were still able to attract krøtruo when they needed to, and they built their town's reputation and fortune on the monsters.   Manliu and Bialiu entered into the extended War of the Teeth, fighting over a truo's corpse and teeth for decades, until Procteuxsse Lavreplesthar from Bialiu and Eztareia Gizapletar from Manliu met in single combat, were swallowed by a truo, and united their people after their miraculous escape.

The Imperian Invasion

Colonial Marines by Vlado Krizan
Months after ending the War of the Teeth, Eztareia Gizapletar would enter into another war with a more alien and formiddable foe: the Imperian Fleet, specifically Legio V Ferrata. While none of the Aquitani clans were outright cooperative or friendly with the Imperia, the Gizapletarris and Lavreplestharris were the most aggressively against the Imperia's presence on their planet.   Eztareia Gizapletar used her expertise in hunting and drawing in krøtruo to trap legionnaires in formations and even while traveling in transport ships, leading the Legatus of the Ferrata to ascribing supernatural power to her. After a failed attempt to parlay with her in which he lost three of his fingers, he ordered her home of Manliu to be destroyed in an attempt to end her assault of legionnaires.

When the Imperian warriors told us to go, we did not listen. But when the Chieftain of the Gizapletarris told us to go, to save ourselves, we listened. We went. And we watched our home fall into the sea.
— firsthand account of the destruction of Manliu

The Legacy of Manliu

The destruction of her home did not decrease Eztareia's viciousness, and she would fight against the Imperia until her mysterious disappearance years later. In the modern day, the ruins have been made safe for intrepid tourists who, for some reason, decided to visit the most staunchly anti-Imperian planet in the empire. The ruins are unstable and still retain some of the radioactivity of the ballistarii, but these are not the most hazardous things about them. The Lavreplesthar clan has established memorials near to the site, both on land and under water, and any non-Aquitani found in proximity to these memorials is at risk for being "corrected" by the Lavreplestharris. Said trespasser may or may not survive this correction, and the Imperia long ago gave up trying to police or manage the Aquitani on their own planet. Any non-Aquitani attempting to visit Aquitania for any reason is given the warning that, if they are to die on the planet's surface, there will be no attempt to recover their body or punish whoever was responsible for their death.

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Organization Ties:
Gizapletar Clan
The sister clan of the Lavreplestharris, the Gizapletarris are nearly extinct after they assimilated into the Lavreplesthar clan when their city was destroyed.
Outpost / Base
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Alternate Name(s)
  • Neuapruria, "the City of the Dead"
  • The majority of Manliu's residents were able to leave the city before its destruction, so its name "the City of the Dead" was not referring to dead Aquitani, but rather dead legionnaires. The name became a rallying cry for Aquitani fighting Imperian forces, and the Aquitani would often scatter legionnaire body parts around the radioactive ruins of the site.

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