Legio I Germanica

Caesar's First

The oldest Legion and the first one to rally behind the man who would become Caesar. The Legio I Germanica is named so for its position orbiting the planet Germania.


During the Precaesarian Era, the Germanica strictly orbited the planet Germania, from which it obtained its title. When Caesar commandeered the Germanica and used it to assault the Senate, he waited until Germania and Illyricum crossed orbital paths, and then swung the Germanica into Illyricum's orbit. Ever since then, the anniversary of the Overthrowing of the Senate occurs when the two planets' paths cross, and the Germanica will switch into orbit around Illyricum for the period of the original conflict, after which time it will engage its Alcubierre drive to return to Germania's orbit.


The charging bull emblem represents the Legion's immediate willingness to charge into battle when Caesar asked for them. They also take from the bull its stubbornness and power.


Prior to the First Age of Caesar, the Senate controlled the Imperia as its ruling body. When Caesar--at the time a humble legionnaire aboard the Germanica--determined that the senators were corrupt, he enlisted the support of his fellow legionnaires and overthrew the leadership on the Legion that still supported those senators. The Formation of the Legio Germanica was done in the blood of former comrades, and the early tribulations of the Legion made it an unbreakable ally of the future Caesar.


"Caesar's First" is a proud statement of the Germanica's esteemed position as the first Legion to support Caesar and his efforts to overthrow the Senate. They are also designated as "the First Legion" or Legio I.


The Germanica has been a participant in nearly every major conflict in the Imperia's history, and certainly every conflict within the Europa System. It's most notable conflicts are:



The venatores gemini are trained aboard the Germanica, making it one of the most notable training commands in the Imperian Fleet.


The Germanica remains currently in use and boasts the position of the Legion with the longest unbroken service record.

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