Gull Saint

Storms are inevitable, but we can bear them with foresight.
- a Marinastan proverb

I don't know how I knew about Masada, but I'd do just about anything to forget again.

In Marinasta, the Gull Saint marks the challenging period of storms, the first major trial of the current Saint Cycle. Characterized by prediction, the Gull Saint's challenges can be avoided or at least be made less severe by paying attention to the signs leading up to the storms of the Age.

Defining Features

The Gull Saint is progressive, independent, and greatly concerned with humanitarian ventures. They are also extremely social, and excel at activism for issues that might not even mean that much to them. When unhappy, they can become temperamental, aloof, and uncompromising. Gulls dislike those who break promises, and being lonely.

Common Symbols

The Gull Saint is represented by a gull or gull feathers, and the most recent person to embody the Gull Saint will have tattoos patterned after that person's story. Saint Atha was abord a boat, and one of the other passengers attempted to assault and kill her. She was gravely wounded, and wherever her blood touched burst into flames, including the person who had assaulted her. He perished in fire, and Atha fell overboard and was swept away, barely clinging to a log to stay afloat. A gull followed her across the ocean, and when she washed ashore, the gull, who she named Florian, stayed with her. After her trauma, Atha found it impossible to laugh and rarely smiled, so Florian, a Judaean laughing gull, would laugh for her. Atha's symbol is a flame.

Florian the Gull of Atha

The Tasting Saint

The Gull Saint is the saint of darkness, and as the Cycle approaches its end, the Gull sets up auspicious circumstances for the Tern Saint.


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