The Curing Blood

As it is that we hold a thing that kills without fail, is it that the Lions hold a thing that cures without fail.

Any interaction with one of the Aquitani is guaranteed to leave you bloody. But if they like you, the blood won't be yours.

Gincuer, "curing blood" in Cheulque, is the unprocessed blood of the krøtruo that possesses antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and tumor suppression qualities. This substance is the chief reason the monsters are still hunted by the Aquitani, and also why the Aquitani protect the creatures from the Imperia with such fervor.

A Monstrous Gift

The first observation of gincuer's action occurred on San Vuepaque after she battled a string of krøtruo and was injured each time. Her injuries became infected as she pressed on, and when she finally fought Potresursia, her killing blow bathed her in the serpent's blood, and her infected wounds were cured.   Hunts of the krøtruo focus on as little bloodletting as possible in order to collect maximum amounts of gincuer for distribution to the Aquitani clans. The Imperia's attempts at taking over gincuer collection has been disastrous for them, and the Aquitani are unwilling to surrender any information or assistance to facilitate Imperian access to the blood.
Sea Serpent by Iwao-Ryuuji

A Hopeful Legacy

The Night of Bitter Words brought a renewed focus on collecting gincuer from the krøtruo, which in turn encouraged Aquitani resistance against the Imperia. The Imperia was able to kill a single small krøtruo and collect gincuer from it, but a dozen factions of Chos Krømialmiche beset the transport vessel carrying the gincuer and took back the substance before sinking the ship. Gincuer has yet to be used in an attempt to cure Acute Hemorrhagic Sicaremia or other effects of sicara poison, but is the best known candidate in the systems.

So terrible is the fear of sicara poison that our most learned physicians would believe ancient lore about a monster's curing blood and seek it with such energy.
Aula Sulpicia Lusitania

Protection Born of Violence

No self-respecting Aquitani can be found without a vial of gincuer on their person somewhere, generally worn as an amulet. Designs of amulets vary based on the Aquitani's clan of origin, but all are large enough for a single life-saving dose of gincuer. If an Aquitani is wounded or otherwise incapacitated, their own amulet should be used to restore them, rather than the amulet of the Aquitani helping them. If a wounded Aquitani doesn't have their amulet or the amulet is empty, the assisting Aquitani is not obligated to use their own gincuer. However, if an Aquitani's amulet is empty, they can ask any clan to refill it, and the request will be granted without expectation of payment.

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Organization Ties:
Lavreplesthar Clan
Infamous for their violent resistance against the Imperian invasion of Aquitania and extremely likely to engage in anti-Imperian piracy.
Traditional gincuer requires no refinement, although there have been attempts throughout history to develop gincuer from larger krøtruo that doesn't burn when applied.
Most of the larger krøtruo have blood that is caustic when applied to skin or mucous membranes, and must be used with caution.

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