Cult of Saint Ulia

Bring Them Under

The Lord of the Universe created everything, and then rested. As he exhaled hard in his exertion, he breathed life into twelve beings that were first formed as cosmic wind, which pushed the planets and other galactic bodies into their chosen places.

Recognition of Saint Ulia began on Deceangia after the Underlord Maeleachlainn brutally assassinated the Warlord Donndubhán. His widow, Ulia Donndubhánaa, took a terrible revenge on Maeleachlainn, and once he was neutralized as a threat, she went on to become one of Deceangia's most beloved and benevolent rulers.



The most popular tattoo of the Cult of Saint Ulia is the deadly hemflos, the flower from which Maeleachlainn's poison was extracted. This tattoo is placed almost exclusively over the heart of whoever bears it, signifying the emotional pain of Ulia's loss.

Core Tenets

No one is alone if they follow the Lord of the Universe.

Those who have lost are the most blessed.

What you reap is what you sow.


The albatross is a bird that straddles myth, as it has been extinct on the Britannic satellites for several centuries, prior to the arrival of the Imperia. Talismans containing albatross feathers are virtually nonexistent, and those that remain are almost entirely in the possession of powerful members of the Cult of Saint Ulia. The leaders of the Sicarii possess these talismans as well, as the crumbling feathers within them are said to be the only antidote for sicara poison.


Saint Ulia, free my hands.   Saint Ulia, char my heart.   Saint Ulia, bring him/her/them down.


The Revenge Society

Largely an affluent social club, The Revenge Society hosts yearly masquerades where members vote on the sect's next project. This can range from a charity to donate money to, to hiring an assassin to eradicate a troublesome figure. The Revenge Society has chapters on most planets that meet quarterly or monthly, and all members are guaranteed anonymity.

The Cultivars

The Cultivars is especially popular among Imperia troops, namely those in the triarius and ballistarius professions. This sect focuses on Ulia's single-minded vengeance against Maeleachlainn, highlighting her willingness to sacrifice innocents in pursuit of a greater purpose. Initially formed as keepers of the hemflos groves, the sect was adopted early on by Imperian troops, which shifted the focus from tending hemflos to Ulia's vengeance.

The Widow's Hearth

The Widows' Hearth was established by Saint Ulia herself as a charity organization to assist widows or widowers in dire straits. After the Imperia targeted hemflos for extinction, the Widow's Hearth was the primary organization responsible for its preservation. Due to their efforts, hemflos is rare but not extinct. They guard the plants viciously, and a significant portion of the sect's members act as a security force for the hidden hemflos greenhouses.

The Sicarii

The Sicarii claim lineage from the early Cult of Saint Ulia, and their sicara poison is derived from preserved hemflos chemical, after native hemflos was nearly wiped out by the Imperia and the Widow's Hearth refused to share their limited hemflos with anyone else. The Cult of Saint Ulia denies this connection, and many members will distance themselves from the Sicarii by performing significant acts of charity in opposition.

Patron Saint of

  • widows
  • revenge

Sacred Bird

Religious, Cult
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
The Cultivars
The Revenge Society
The Widows' Hearth
The Sicarii
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