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Cappadocia is a trading hub and one of the most diverse planets in Asiatica. Native Cappadocians make up a small majority of the population on the planet. Cappadocia is the headquarters of the Mariner Federation and the Asiatican Federation.


The primary spoken langauge on Cappadocia is Shutyilzh, which is also the most widespread Mariner language in use in the Imperia.

Major Locations

Cappadocia has five continents: Zhœsheshgum, Yalœkel, Sukœkel, Rortüpzhag, and Todvfuyksher. The oceans of the planet are simply called "The Sea of" whatever country or nation they're located near, and there is no universal name for the same body of water.


The northernmost continent and the most mountainous per square mile. The countries of Fivzhulzh and Pekivzhez are located here, as well as the planet's capital, Piksœkel.  


  • Zhilbalzh
  • Piksœkel


The westernmost continent, containing the countries of Welkvœlves and Welkrutdü.  


  • Zhilbœkelroer
  • Lükvürzumfi
  • Lultpe


The largest continent, joined to Yalœkel by unstable swamplands. The four "Narrowlands" nations of Vulzhifkils, Rüpzhifkils, Raykzhifkils, and Zhormzhifkils are located here. The continent is bisected by an enormous mountain chain that provides borders between all the countries.  


  • Farfadv
  • Lelushozilvis
  • Shizoltshutyilzh
  • Ralwotüz


The southernmost continent, punctuated by extreme eathquakes. The continent shares a name with its only country, the nation of Rortüpzhag.  


  • Yübtült


The easternmost and smallest continent, nearly entirely desert. Made of two nations, Shuyl Eysh and Shuyl Zhuz, with the latter boasting the title of smallest country on the planet.  


  • Zhulfiv


One of the most mountainous planets in the Asiatica System, Cappadocia is famous for its scenic volcanoes, rock formations, and the inhabitants' widespread usage of intricate cave dwellings.   The unique geography of Cappadocia lends to the planet's natural beauty and suitability as a seat of power. An extremely mountainous planet, even the lowlands and mountain-free areas are covered with landforms such as fairy chimneys that make a wide-scale landing event from a spaceborne invader extremely difficult. The only suitable landing areas are heavily guarded by Cappadocian military forces.  

Localized Phenomena

The fairy chimneys of Sukœkel cover almost the entire continent. Hollowed out and used as homes and shelters, they are also used in Cappadocian fire festivals, namely for a chimney sacrifice.


A designated chimney is decorated with the season's vegetation on the outside--paintings, drawings, sculptures, or the plants themselves--and then a bonfire is built on the inside of the chimney. If the flames are hot enough inside the chimney to wilt, crisp, or burn the offerings on the outside, then there will be good harvest until the next festival.

Natural Resources

Cappadocia's main export is a material mined within the fissures of Rortüpzhag that is used for insulation aboard the Legion ships. The miners are exceptionally prone to mesothelioma from inhaling the tiny particles of the mineral, and over 50% of the miners will develop this disease after only a single year of working in the mines.


Tourism is steady all year for volcanic excursions, mountain climbing, and hiking. Around the fire festivals, tourism skyrockets, especially the summer and winter solstice festivals.

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