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The sages say when two babies inhale their first breath together, they each inhale half of the same soul, and are linked together until that soul returns to the universe.
— Gemini Uprising
  A concept believed by the Renanim and inherited from ancient beliefs about less-literal "soul mates." Renanim who are connected by the law of bashert share a sense; this can come in the form of hearing what the other hears, tasting the same food, or even sharing physical wounds, among others. Basherts are determined by a shadchanit, a matchmaker who records the exact birth time of every infant in their area of responsibility and contacts other shadchanim to find matches. Basherts are required to live in proximity to one another, as ancient superstition says that to separate basherts is to throw the balance of the universe into disarray, and that bad luck will ripple out from this broken soul until it consumes the universe.   Related to the idea of gemini observed by Imperians and of sainting by Mariners.


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