Anaïseseia Lavreplesthar

The Last Gizapletar

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Called Anaïs for short, she is a frequent fixture in various Imperial police station interrogation rooms and cells. Anaïs is very good at avoiding incrimination, however, and has always managed to slip away without charges. Claiming to be a direct descendant of Eztareia Gizapletar, Anaïs takes her role as a pirate and cause of endless trouble for the Imperia very seriously.   In her native form, she appears as most Aquitani do with a humanoid torso that sports six tentacles instead of arms and legs, and a head with no hair except a downy fuzz on the skin. With her Conformer Unit, she masks as an Aquitani with unkempt blonde hair, an appearance that she resents with a passion.


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Anaïseseia Lavreplesthar

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Towards Helvia Terrasidia Aquitania



Helvia Terrasidia Aquitania

partner (Vital)

Towards Anaïseseia Lavreplesthar



Summer Camp 2022 Pledge
Generic article | Nov 27, 2022

Organization Ties:
The Gallic satellite known for its violently anti-Imperian sentiment and contribution to piracy.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
576 ACI 620 ACI 44 years old
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